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Shifted2u.com --- God of War Saga Review

The God of War series is one of the biggest franchises Sony has in it's library. The tale of Kratos and his quest for revenge on the Olympia Gods of Ancient Greece is a massive tale that lasts over the course of five different games. Each game brings a perfect blend of Greek myth and fantastic visuals, along with some of the most challenging and heart pumping gameplay this generation. Sony bringing together each God of War game into one titanic package brings more then just bang for your buck, it brings together some of the most loved Playstation games of the past decade. And then gives them all trophy support. (God of War 3, God of War Saga, God of War: Origins Collection, PS3) 8/10

NastyLeftHook0  +   908d ago
i love these games, i kind of wish i bought this instead of the other collections...but then again i would still have to wait.

taquito  +   908d ago
you don't actually think your webpage is in any way, shape or form legible do you?

dark grey backround with black type, this may literally be the worst website I have ever witnessed.

sorry, but seriously......


ie9 not supported by your site? thats a bad idea
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Venomousfatman  +   908d ago
You may want to check a different web browser, it doesn't look like that at all.
Kamikaze135  +   908d ago
IE9? May as well get used to not having website supporting your browser. That's a pretty crappy web browser. Upgrade and use Mozilla or Chrome.
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wastedcells  +   908d ago
This is a 10 all day.. 5 amazing games for $30.... 10!
cpayne93  +   908d ago
Yeah five critically acclaimed games in that package, deals don't get much better than that. I would recommend that to anyone.
TheFallenAngel  +   908d ago
Best franchise out there. All the games are good, no bad games here.
DivineAssault  +   908d ago
GTFO! All the games for $40 is at the minimum a 9
akaFullMetal  +   908d ago
An 8 out of 10 is crazy. 5 games that have all been reviewed 9 and 10s, and now you get all 5 for dirt cheap, in hd with trophies, and still you only give it an 8. Thats crazy.
Venomousfatman  +   907d ago
Hey whats up.

As much as I would love to give this collection a 10 (each game is fantastic), you have to think about everyone that has already bought these games before. Its true it is an INSANELY good deal, much better then the other Sony collections that have been released. But it still stands that these are the same games that have been out for a while and a lot of people have already bought them. There are newcomers that haven't played a GOW game, but that isnt the bulk of gamers out there, as most gamers have already played the GOW games. I would've given it a higher score if there was more content/DLC/Something that was never included with the older releases of these games, outside of just PS Plus and Ascension Beta access.

Would've been cool to have something more to make this more then a great value collection, and instead a masterful must own collection.
MoonConquistador  +   907d ago
Venomous - if that really is the reason for lowering the scores, then please do good journalism some justice by providing the real score, then state your other score based on wether you had played it before eg

God of War Saga - 10 (8 if you've played them all before)

Or preferably just score the game on its quality and the value it offers, not judging wether its value is reduced by virtue of having played them before.

I played all the games in this collection (besides GoW 3) on other consoles before they were re released as the collections. I've played them all again and have my trophies for the whole saga, but having borrowed the three main games, was really looking forward to buying the complete collection. So your argument that having played them before has reduced its scoring or appeal is false.

The reason I'm not buying it now is the lack of the two origins games on a disc, instead giving me download codes. It somehow devalues the thought of having the whole collection in one box. They didn't even need a third disc, the 4 PS 2/PSP games could have been shoehorned onto one blu ray.

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