There's No Xbox 720, Next-Gen Microsoft Xbox to be Named "Xbox Next"

Theo Valich writes for, "For quite some time, numerous media outlets and gamers themselves were calling the next-gen Xbox console - Xbox 720. Naturally, it made sense as it would be double the 360, but in reality, that designation never stood any chance."

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Rockubot2036d ago

I wonder why Microsoft changed the name.

dotwithshoes2036d ago

When did MS ever called it the Xbox 720?

Malice-Flare2036d ago

ever see the movie Real Steel? it was one of the ads in the arena...

-MD-2036d ago

Oh, well if it was in such a prestigious movie like Real Steel then it must be true.

Batzi2036d ago

People are stupid, they assumed that the next Xbox would be 720 cause 360x2=720 but they don't know that Microsoft chose 360 for a frickin reason and that there is a meaning behind it. And by the way, during the 360's development, one of its given codenames was "Xbox Next". It might be a codename.

MikeMyers2036d ago

Microsoft never changed the name (of the upcoming system) because it was never publicly announced to begin with.

I doubt it will be called Xbox 8 since Windows comes out every few years unlike consoles which last on average 5 or more years. I also doubt it will be Xbox 720, then what's the next system after that going to be, Xbox 1440? They won't called it simply Xbox either since that was what the original was. It might be Xbox Next but that doesn't have a very good sound to it. I'm thinking the Xbox name itself is too strong to pass up so it will be part of it.

Anon19742036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

I always doubted the Xbox 720 name, but people had to call it something other than the "next gen Xbox 360". MS has trademarked Xbox 8, but I hope that's not it. Personally, I don't mind Xbox Next, or if they just called it the Xbox again. Maybe the Xbox 8 trademark and Xbox Infinity are supposed to be one in the same?

Anyone have any ideas for a new Xbox name? I tried to think of something, but I got nutn. The only thing I am sure of is that I'm looking forward to see what MS has in store. And I hope it's backwards compatible because I still have a slew of Xbox 360 titles I haven't had time to play yet.

EVILDEAD3602036d ago

LOL..the title makes it seem like the author know anything more than the rest of us.

We all see the patent names and know the same rumors reported here. But, none of it matters until the final name is officially announced.

I'll call it 720 or even Xbox next. Either way we al know the console is coming and will be called something.


BitbyDeath2035d ago

Isn't it's codename Durango? People should just call it that, 720 sounds stupid.

guitarded772035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I know MS hasn't called it the 720 or even publicly announced the next system, but Rinkuchal has a point... it was in the movie ad for Real Steel next to other famous brand logos including bing (which is also MS). You can't go around using company trademarks without permission. It's still not confirmation, but MS had to authorize use of the logo.

darthv722035d ago

to break tradition. Nintendo on the other hand...

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment system)
N64 (Nintendo 64)
GameCube (although many refer to it as NGC or Nintendo GameCube)
Wii (also referred to as Nintendo Wii)
and soon to be Wii-u.

Sony has used PS1/2/3 and will likely call the next one 4 (for a lack of originality). They are essentially following the Atari tradition if you think about it. 2600, 5200, 7800. Yet even Atari broke the tradition with Jaguar which was more or less them just putting their stamp (name) on it.

Sega had Master system, Genesis (my personal fav), Saturn (another great system) and Dreamcast (best of the best). There was even a rumor many years ago that their followup to the DC would be dubbed Phoenix.

MS starting off with the xbox and then going to the 360 sort of broke the traditional naming that atari (and sony) have used. If the nextbox is named infinity then that is cool too.

nukeitall2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I think a good name is Xbox 8, i.e. make the 8 sideways and call it Xbox Infinite or Xbox Loop! :D

thorstein2035d ago

I was always thinking that it should be called the "Nextbox" It plays on next and xbox quite well.

Syntax-Error2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

MS will unveil the new name not this corny site. Secondly, they have been calling it NextBox before the 360 came out. The latest we heard was that it was going to be called XBOX 9 because it will be using the windows 9 OS. Since Win 8 is being released in a couple of weeks and when the next version of Xbox appears it will be running the Win 9 according to earlier reports.

Ahronith, you're full of shit. You never worked close with MS to know this because they never mentioned Xbox 8. It was reported to be 9 and also, 8 sideways isn't the sign for UNITY, it's the sign for INFINITY. What an idiot. Where do these kids come from?

Old news:

Boody-Bandit2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Call it 720, 1080, 2160, 361. Hell call it the NexBox. I don't care what they call it. Just announce that bad boy E3 2013 to be released later that year. It's time. Okay, back to Forza Horizon. VAROOM!

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AngelicIceDiamond2036d ago

Because Xbox 720 would be a horrendous name for the new console I never took the name seriously I just use it let people know I'm talking about the future console kind of like a placeholder name.

As far as the name goes,I think it'll be something that's simple but also stands out. Like the Xbox 360, its simple but stands out.

Knight_Crawler2036d ago

I agree and people would associte it with 720p which will make it look inferior becuase 1080p is higher res.

One thing for sure is that the next Xbox will have the name XBOX in it somewhere becuase MS is really pushing the Xbox name on W8.

I really like Xbox 8 - If rumors are true that the next gen of consoles will be the lastones becuase everything is moving could base and digital then the name would fit it. Thius way MS can release an upgraded console every time a new version of Windows is released.

ghaleon19802036d ago

I really think it's just going to be called "Xbox." If you watch all of the new promotional and tutorial videos for smartglass and the new Xbox live updates at the end of the videos instead of having the typical "Xbox 360" logo it just now says "Xbox."

Captain Qwark 92035d ago

i think it should be just xbox as well personally. its a brand, its easy, its recognized by many. it still differentiates itself fom the 360 becuase most peeps call the 360, "360".

however, i did read somewhere that they didnt want to name it simply xbox or xbox 3 because that would make it inferior to ps4 in the name leading to a possible misconception by unaware consumers that its automatically worse, which also makes sense.

so far xbox 8 is most likely since ms is trying to unify all the OS's together and 8 would lead the unaware consumers to think its twice as good as the ps4 as well lol. the problem with that though, is im not sure it has a nice ring to it like 360. w/e the case they could name it purple turd and id still buy it, its just a name.

as always, purple turd and ps4 are day one buys for me

attilayavuzer2035d ago

720 would've been tied with Wii U for worst console name.

I could see them trying to pull some Smartbox bs though.

greenpowerz2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

720 comes from when Sony fans bashing the 360 and MSFT needing new hardware because they said 360 was maxed out several years/block buster ago(Gears etc)it was smybolic doubling of 360 meaning next xbo(lazy naming created to bash the 360 years before the new box was needed due to fanboyism).

Media found it to be somethings handy/convenient to call the Next Xbox 720 as well.

MSFT in pun started using the name in code for enternal use in the planning of the new xbox shwon in the leaked docs.

I remeber some of the first fanboys naming the new xbox the 720 for purposes of bashing the supposed aged 360 many years ago I might add(despite Crysis 2, Rage, Halo 4, Forza 4/H, The Wither 2 etc)

720 has no symbolic meaning.The 360 was used because it has meanings MSFT liked, like Rebirth, reinvention, complete turn around(no not geometry so don't even try it)

Pillsbury12035d ago

Guess most people don't realize this is probably a code name.

ahronith2035d ago

I work closely with MS at the conference center in Redmond, WA, and from what I have gathered is it will be called XBOX 8 with the number 8 having a shadow that lays sideways forming an infinity symbol that will represent UNITY. Most meetings i listened too much on, they were really pushing a way to promote to the consumer social gaming online and in the livingroom, and UNITY is a word they used a lot.

Color schemes were the same as they are sticking with brand recognition. Yes im new here and i know its N4G and most wont care what i have to say and thats fine, but i have no way of getting in trouble, i have not signed an NDA at anytime, so thats that.

FragMnTagM2035d ago

You seem legit. It ties in with everything they are doing at the moment also.

I think you hit the nail on the head.

pixelsword2035d ago

Why is it called unity when the sign represents infinity?

hotrider122035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

seem to me this site spew SPECULATION on up coming games and (dlc) and speculation up-coming consoles.

no one knows the future of possibilities so why not wait til ACTUAL announcement for title of console.

avengers19782035d ago

xbox 720 didnt make sense anyway.

helghast1022035d ago

It will never be called the Xbox 720 because it would be TERRIBLE for marketing.

"Hey guys, the Xbox 720 does 1080p"

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1upgamer992036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

This article is so full of it on specs. If half of this is true it will be at least $500 dollars OR we will be Joining Xboxgold on contract. I really hope not because I don't want to sign a contract with Microsoft to play games. I thought that was why they were doing that $99 promotion with agreement, just to test it. Also if the name is Xboxnext that is worse that Wii U. (and I love Nintendo)

Npugz72036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

It probably will be 500$ which isn't bad! I dont get how people think its ok to spend 600$ on a iphone but don't want to pay 500$ for a next gen console! You people make no sense!

Eldyraen2035d ago

Have to agree, plus I don't tote my $500 console around with me all the time so somehow losing or dropping it isn't an issue unlike phones (never happened to me, but I know people that have done it).

yewles12036d ago

Again, just like the 360, until the official unveil.

RockmanII72036d ago

I'm just gonna assume it will be the Xbox 8 until proven wrong.

nolson102036d ago

They won't call it xbox 3 for fear of it "seeming" inferior to ps4. They don't want the mass market to think ps4 is more advanced because it has a number up on it. Part of the reason they didn't call it xbox 2 as well.

bubblebeam2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

"They won't call it xbox 3 for fear of it "seeming" inferior to ps4."

Which is why they will be smart a$$es and call it Xbox Infinity.
But, Sony will out smart them and call theirs Playstation 2Infinity and Beyond!!!! /s

CommonSense2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

XBox3 60