Hands-on with Persona 4 Golden (2D-X)

Details on Atlus' upcoming RPG.

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GribbleGrunger2242d ago

I've already played this on the PS2, but with all those extra features, I don't think I'm going to be able to resist buying it again.

Snookies122242d ago

Same here, plus it's been a while since I last beat the game. It'll be fun to go through it again. Especially on the go. :D

Xof2241d ago

I don't understand why so many media outlets are touting P4G previews and PVs like they're supposed to mean something. It's just an enhanced port! We already know what the game looks like! We already know what the game plays like! We already know who the characters are! We already know how the story ends!

The only pertinent info we need is on the new content, and that supply was exhausted months ago.

Sithlord-Gamble2241d ago

Youre forgetting about the people who havent played the game yet.
As hard as it is for some to believe, there are some people whove never experienced it.

RubyToTheMax2241d ago

Like me, coming from a XBOX gamer, the PSVita is my first console from Playstation. All of its titles are new to me.

And damn, the Playstation Vita has surprised and put quite an impression on me.

MasterCornholio2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

I have a PS3 and i had a PS2 and PSone in the past. It may seem hard to believe but i never played Persona before so this remake on the Vita seems fantastic to me.

Take that XOF.

3-4-52241d ago

I've never played any of the Persona games. Never even knew they existed until maybe 2-3 months ago.

Hicken2241d ago

Apparently, you don't know enough, since you don't know that you don't speak for everybody.

I, personally, never finished P4. Now that I know it's coming out on Vita with even more stuff, I'll hold off for now. In fact, I've got the collector's edition reserved.

Going by your "logic," I should never have heard anything about the story or characters of P3 when FES was being released. I should have made my decision to buy or not buy based on how much more content there was compared to a game I knew nothing about.

Xof2241d ago

Way to miss the point.

It's superfluous media attention because it's duplicating previous articles. Everything written about P4G that is not about the new content has ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT P4! Therefore there's no reason to discuss this kind of thing, period. It's pointless.

And to fix your broken analogy, if you were going to buy P3 FES (or P3P) without any knowledge of the original P3, then you would be able to glean all you needed to know about the game from articles pertaining to P3... the only information you would need from articles dealing with P3 FES or P3P would be those discussing the new content.

This garbage is superfluous nonsense that accomplishes nothing other than baiting hits from gamers who don't know any better.