Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to be modified due to use of "Allah" in Saudi Arabia stage "Tekken Tag Tournament 2 producer, Katsuhiro Harada, received multiple tweets from concerned gamers over the placement of "Allah" on the floor of the Saudi Arabia stage in the game. Harada was quick to respond on his Twitter that they did not know that "Allah" was on the floor and will be changing it as soon as they can."

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omarzy1913d ago

How is this pathetic? Some people find this offensive and no harm is done for respecting these concerns.

Am i to understand that you have never in your life been offended by something and made that known to an offender?

killerhog1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

People make fun of Catholics and Christians and it doesn't offend me. I see portraits of Jesus in some games and movies and that doesn't offend me. Why? Be cause we have freedom of speech here in the USA. I don't care if you're Muslim I'll say or depict what I want. Don't like it take your butt back to Iran or the Middle East. Muslims want to pass the sharia laws here in the western countries, sorry wont happen nor will I let it happen. Women, kids, men, homesexuals have the freedom and the right to believe what they want, the right to wear what they want, the right to do what they want and say what they want. This isn't Iran where saying you hate the president will get you shot.

Hoje03081913d ago

What's pathetic is that the changes are made out of fear, because one particular sect of yet another bullshit Abrahamic religion is noticeably more neurotic than the other two. Also, anyone that's offended by a word needs to grow up instead of expecting the rest of the world to babysit them.

omarzy1913d ago


"Women, kids, men, homesexuals have freedom and the right to do what they want and wear."

yeah.....this discussion is done.

ChickeyCantor1913d ago

" Be cause we have freedom of speech here in the USA "

I bet you keep using that, I don't think you know what it means though.

Bathyj1913d ago

No harm is done if you are offended either.

People these days do more damage over apparent "insults" than the insult itself actually caused.

I'm sure one of the holy books says to turn the other cheek, but I guess thats not in all of them.

killerhog1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Freedom of speech is a freedom to express yourself either through verbal communication, writing or imagery, appearance and believe. If it doesn't incite violence or criminal activities of course. Using or saying Allah does not incite violence unless YOU used violence to get me to retract it, which in case YOU'RE at wrong.

Maybe I should of been a bit clearer in my first post, but I think it gets the point across.

The Great Melon1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


All they did was mention that the word 'Allah' was on the floor. Nothing else transpired. It is well within their right to bring this to the developer's attention as it is for you complain about the developer's response.

Now this story would be far more interesting if the developers made a statement that they made had a mistake and in response put more names of gods on the floor so that everyone can be equally offended. This would put a big grin across my face.

HammadTheBeast1913d ago


Yet, saying communism is great gets you shat on in the US. Some freedom of speech. Also, what benefit does putting that name there bring to the game? Is it for "authenticity"?

Also, it's peoples freedom of speech that allows them to object against these things. Please, continue, I'd like to hear more backwards views. Also, "Muslims want to pass sharia law here". WTF?! You just went full retard. How is this relevant or even true for that matter? You say "everyone can believe what they want". Lol your post is so hypocritical it's not even funny.

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Ranma11913d ago ShowReplies(3)
FOXDIE1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I see many ignorant and anti-muslim comments.....

+ Killerhog, your a fake. You have no beliefs because if you did then you would get offended.

HammadTheBeast1913d ago

I wouldn't mind them if people knew what they were talking about.

ElitaStorm1913d ago

religion will destroy us, we must prevail!!!!!!!!!!

FOXDIE1911d ago

yeah Religion will destroy us, not MEN!

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thegame07071913d ago

First the Favela MW2 map now this ? lol

spicelicka1913d ago

There's millions of arabic words to choose from when designing the game, just google "arena in arabic" or something and use that, it's not hard.

But it iss admirable that they're considering changing it just from fan feedback.

Majin-vegeta1913d ago

Omg really??I would have said don't like it??Don't buy it simple as that.

spicelicka1913d ago

how about you just don't comment. simple as that.

Kyosuke_Sanada1913d ago

But it isn't even that much of a deal because it isn't used in an offensive light. I'm sure there is plenty of gods and deities written all over the place in real life if you look hard enough but it's no reason to go to the President.

Blasphemy1913d ago

They didn't know it was there? LOL

omarzy1913d ago

Yeah, that part was bs. It is good that they are removing it, but Japanese game developers do not use an Arabic world for God without knowing.

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