Philips Patents Video Game System With Throwable Screen

Philips recently filed a patent application for an electronic gaming system which has a robust display that can be thrown around your living room. The display will be inside some kind of pillow which shows a moving image while being thrown around. One example Philips use is that a player throws the pillow in the air, and then a flying dragon is displayed, which another player then shoots with a gun peripheral. According to the patent a range of games will be available to download to PC. Philips says the technology will lead to a new generation of "whole body" games.

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Joey Gladstone3589d ago

the whole phase of doing "So much Work" to play video games is going to turn a lot of the Hardcore Gamers off to this idea, just look at the many complainers of Wii Elbow......can you imagine if you actually made some of those lazies HAVE to get up, move around and exercise to play not as an option but mandatory??? I think Not...
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Not the Face3589d ago

a little much. you need a good throwin around the room by your grandma cause you didnt clean up the basement Joey!!!!
but really i hear you hardcore gamer wont like this but kids will and so will teachers iam none of the three. i just figure throwing a pillow and imagining its a dracon or a giant ninja star is more fun and so do my cats....

Skerj3589d ago

Yup, we all know how successful the LAST game console Phillips came out with was.

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