What Type of Gamer Are You

By Luis Zacarias

There are many types of gamers, Like variables, gamer types are not set. Some gamers can fit into multiple types. What I have learned is that no gamer is constant. Here are some examples of the gamer types I have encountered over the years. This opinion piece is meant to shine the spotlight on our disturbing trend to classify ourselves.

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SoldierX2038d ago

I am a fat, working, married, military, hardcore gamer.

MostJadedGamer2038d ago

I think Angry Gamer most describes me.

"Angry Gamer – Hates all games continues to play them."

Of course I don't hate every game, but I certainly hate most of the games I buy.

SonyWarrior2038d ago

im a racist gamer, raging gamer, and a fat gamer but im not fat...

Kalowest2038d ago

I'm a hardcore, fat, unemployed gamer.

hotrider122038d ago

im a FUN WHATEVER game gamer.

jony_dols2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

No offence to anyone, but what's with the high percentage of lardarses commenting on this article?!

Way to go for reinforcing the stereotype; that hardcore gamers in general, are a bunch of overweight sad-sacks...

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Xbot3602038d ago

You guys forgot the Chatty Gamer - guy that won't shut up during the game.

ginsunuva2038d ago

I play games for the game and because I can appreciate the art of games, not because I have to be playing games constantly for just for the sake of gameplay.
If there are no interesting games, I won't play any.

NeotheGamer2038d ago

To the person that disagreed with me, do you want a picture to prove that i am fat?

ItsMeAgain2038d ago

Mate, you have to learn not to care about the disagrees. All kinds of reason why a person would receive disagrees, just don't worry about them. This is the internet, expect what is not expected.

Hence, someone could disagree with me for telling you this which you should have known already.

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The story is too old to be commented.