So what’s the verdict gaming folks…does The Last of US look better than Uncharted 3?

When the Last of Us was first shown at the Spike VGA’s 2011 there was this feel of ”where have these graphics been all my life” in the air by the gaming community. Could this be an implication Naughty Dog has completely mastered the “Cell” (processor) and is now using it to it’s fullest potential? As Deion Sanders would say though “Hold on playa” not so fast.

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Godchild10202036d ago

I think The Last of Us looks better than Uncharted 3, but the art style is different than what we have seen in the Uncharted series.

camel_toad2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

I agree plus you have to realize when Uncharted 3 was at a similar stage of development as The Last of Us is right now it already looked great but was further tweaked to look even better nearing its release - soo I'm guessing with a few nips n tucks The Last of Us is only going to get better looking going by Naughty Dogs track record.

MaxXAttaxX2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

That's an old pic of Ellie and so is the debut trailer...

That said, Uncharted 3's desert scene has one of the best visuals I've ever seen. I doubt we'll see a similar scene like that in The Last of Us to accurately compare the two, but so far TLOU has shown pretty impressive graphics, even better than U3 in many aspects. AI looks great too.

So I guess overall... yeah, it does look better. Although art direction is different.

Freak of Nature2035d ago

I agree, and would like to add that TLOU may be at a disadvantage, not have the diverse locations and settings that UC2 and 3 had... As of now I see the city overgrown with jungle/plant-life...I am still wondering if you will also see some locations outside of the city itself, as I noticed they had some concepts/ shots of the outskirts of town, perhaps you must travel to other locations to solve problems too?

Either way, it is looking beautiful and will still get better as time goes on in development...It's ND, do you expect anything less?

Irishguy952035d ago

Uncharted 3 looks alot better imo, due to art direction. Last of Us has a bit better graphics

zeeshan2035d ago

I want this game NOW! Have they announced a date yet? I am trying not to see new videos cuz I don't wanna spoil the experience.

This, Bioshock infinite and Beyond. It's so hard to wait for these titles :S

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Blastoise2036d ago

I also think the last of us looks better. You can tell just by the character's faces

NastyLeftHook02036d ago

console games

1. the last of us/beyond
2. uncharted 3

Mainsqueeze2036d ago

I loved uncharted 3 but for some reason the last of us doesn't interest me that much. I still hope that its an awesome game for those who are going to get it.

showtimefolks2035d ago

I don't have a time machine so we will see. All I knw is ND are masters at making their each game better than the one before. So I am guessing they learned a lot of uncharted 3 and applying those learning to make LOU better

andibandit2035d ago

I think The Last of Uncharted looks better, but to be honest i'd take a little more freedom and a little less graphical fidelity. When i have completed it i would know EXACTLY how my neighbours playthrough was, cause the freedom is almost non existant, almost like an On-Rails game.

Catoplepas2035d ago

Everything you say is definitely legit.

You're in no way a complete imbecile.

violents2035d ago

Its a knowm fact that the last has multiple ways to play, you can go all stealth mode through the levels or guns blazing like they did in the e3 demo. It may be a linear style game but there are multiple ways to get to the next area. The way you play through may not be the same as your friend does. Besides if it's fun who cares. Do you hate on a movie because it's the same thing everyone else saw too?

MoonConquistador2035d ago

Whilst sort of agreeing with andibandits comment, steverhude brings up a great point on the movie comparison.

Opposite ways of looking at it, but bubbles to you both for very good points

GuyThatPlaysGames2035d ago

Who gives a shit? It's about gameplay, not visuals.

AngryTypingGuy2035d ago

Does it look better than Uncharted 3? I'll let you know when I'm able to buy a copy and pop it in my PS3.

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MariaHelFutura2036d ago

The Last Of Us looks more alive.

ASTAROTH2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

After reading all these comments I find it funny that on the 360 side of things its fans are declaring HALO 4 the best looking game on consoles, but here PS3 fans are saying LOU migth end looking better than Uncharted 3... they are not hyping this game to look next gen or set benchmarks in graphics... no time to be so insecure...LOL

Im I saying PS3 fans havent done that/troll?

No I just said that an article about HALO 4 being the new benchmark in graphics just get the 360 flock out of their cave... Just like with every 360 exclusive that them and the MEDIA believes have the best graphics of consoles... Every year the same whith a diferrent game.

Rush2036d ago

Yeah because PS3 fans have never hyped graphics /troll...

Not to mention it's such a pointless argument 360 and PS3 hardware is now 6/7 years old. Why argue about who has the fastest cripple?

BigStef712036d ago

Im sorry but theres no way halo 4 can compare to UC3 and TLOU in terms of having better graphics. A better comparison would be Halo 4 vs KZ3. In that comparison KZ3 is the overall better looking game and in my opinion is one if not the best looking FPS on current consoles.

Blankman852036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Wow. Why must you ps3 fans drag every other console thru the mud just to make your precious playstation seem so perfect?
Why drag xbox 360 and halo 4 into this? Honestly. Are you seriously about to talk about insecurities right now? Wow are you kidding me? You're the insecure one here going off topic just so you can feel good about what you got sitting under your TV. What's even more disturbing is that this jerk is going to get a massive amount of agrees and probably get bubbled up.

shivvy242036d ago

if they say that halo is the benchmark in graphics then they are kidding themselves , since i have both the consoles , i know whats fact and BS ! while halos story ets is increadibly awesome , its definately not seting any benchmark thingos !

Outside_ofthe_Box2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

***"Wow. Why must you ps3 fans drag every other console thru the mud just to make your precious playstation seem so perfect?"***

Generalization much? So because one person does it that means all people do it? Would you like me to point out comments where 360 fans(yourself included) drag the PS3 into the mud to make the Xbox seem perfect? Would that then give me justification to say that all 360 fans always dog on the playstation in order to make the xbox seem supreme?

miyamoto2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Look at what the cat dragged in... Halo on a Naughty Dog article

people are sensitive you know

humbleopinion2035d ago


While I agree that comparing 3rd person shooters and 1st person shooters is not the easiest thing to do, Killzone 3 is strill trailing graphically behind Halo Reach, not to mention how Halo 4 currently looks from first impressions.

UC3 and TLOU can be compared to third person shooters such as Gears of War. And while UC3 sits at about the same level as Gears 3 (both have their ups and down), TLOU is already looking more impressive than both - which makes a lot of sense since technology evolves over time.

My guess? By the end of this gen Halo 4 will turn out to be the best looking FPS this console gen (unless some other surprising contender shows up. Crysis 3 perhaps?), and TLOU will be the best looking 3rd person shooter this gen (although it will have to compete with other impressive games such as the next MGS, GTA V, Star Wars 1313 and Watchdogs).

kikizoo2035d ago

Humbledenial :)

"And while UC3 sits at about the same level as Gears 3"
"My guess? By the end of this gen Halo 4 will turn out to be the best looking FPS this console gen "

..please, buy a ps3, and uc3, kz2/3, etc it's 2012 now, you have to comeback to reality.

givemeshelter2035d ago

What is always interesting about these debates comes NEXT generation. Not now.
Why? Because the same people here ranting about how all PS3 games look better than Xbox360 games and GRAPHICS MATTER, MIGHT be eating tons of cow come next generation if the Xbo720 or whatever it might be called, ends up being more powerful. At that point you will see those same people posting how GRAPHICS do not matter are now talking about how only game play matters...

We seen this happen before. It was with HYPOCRITICAL Xbox fanboys claiming graphic superiority over the PS2 and HOW graphics MATTER. The Sony camp would say GAME PLAY was more important etc.
Now see how fast those Xbox fanboys changed their tune this generation? Graphics what?

Now if the tables are turned come next generation, you can bet the farm the Sony fanboys will be just as hypocritical and claim how game play is all that matters and Xbox fanboys will say how graphics matter.
Lesson here? You want graphics. Buy a PC otherwise at some point you will be seen as a hypocritical individual.

humbleopinion2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )


And you base your invalid comparisons on what? I actually have all these games and compared them on a technical level. As I mentioned countless times: Halo Reach is graphically superior to Killzone 3, what makes you think that Halo 4 isn't better. Here, somebody even PMed asking me about this, so I'll just copy-paste the reasons here:

"Halo Reach has better looking 3D models, better textures (both metallic and skin), better alpha effects, more polygons in a single scene (according to developers of both games), bigger scale, better color reproduction (Thanks to HDR which is absent from Killzone, and is probably the games biggest issue), and better overall lighting thanks to the global illumination.
Killzone 3 can push more light sources on a single scene thanks to the rendering solution, but that's about it when it comes to technical advantages as far as I can see.
Animations on both games is excellent, particles on both games are excellent, AA on both games is not very good (MLAA in Killzone 3 with a lot of artifacts, Temporal AA on Halo Reach with a lot of ghosting) , so I can't argue in each direction on all of these. "

But you didn't even make a single argument to back your claims. Care to share a technical comparison? If I don't see any further comment about this, I will be just left to assume that it's you who own just a single console and require a reality check - preferably after taking off your fanboy goggles.

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yewles12036d ago

Absolutely, especially with what was shown so far.

BitbyDeath2036d ago

Hard to tell at this point, but i'm sure it will be.