40 New Spore Screenshots

Gamer 2.0 just uploaded 40 new screenshots of the long-awaited Spore, which was just confirmed for a September 7 release date.

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kingme713690d ago

Looks interesting. Hopefully, it will do well. We need more games that are outside the box, otherwise publishers will just get more gun shy and give us the run of the mill.

AnthonyPerez3690d ago

I will say this, as a member of the press I saw Spore for the first time at E3 06 and what they had even then was pretty amazing. We'll see how everything shapes ups once all the hype pasts, but considering how good it looked even two years ago then it wouldn't be surprising if it's a pretty good game. Obviously, I can't critique until I play the full thing, but it looks good.

And this is coming from someone who pretty much hated the Sims