2008 Predictions for Microsoft - lists part two of their three part series. This section pertains to the future of the Xbox line as well as some other Microsoft hardware.

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games4fun3590d ago

some horribel predictions especially the new 720 console prediction what is he thinking he also states they would use hddvd (suicide) if they cant use bluray

kingme713590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Oops, sorry didn't mean to post this as a reply to #1... my bad :(

godofthunder103590d ago

i think that it's a good idea to come out with a new system every 5 years and i mean the ps3 to.tecnology changes a lot quicker then 10 years ago,hell 10 years ago technoly lasted about 4 to 5 years before you had to upgrade,but now technology changes every 6 months to a could buy a computer today and it's outdated in a year or less because the new techonoly is quicker,stronger and have better graphics then they had the year before so you have to upgrade to use the new software and play the new games.
take the ps3 for exsample,they said that it will be able to involve as time goes by but they already have processors that a lot quicker and powerful then the ps3 have in it already and its only out about 2 years.
i know that sony said the ps3 will be out for ten years and i belive them but they will have a ps4 out in 5 to 6 years but still sell the ps3 just like they are still selling the knows that if they don't release a new system before ten years they will be way behind nintendo and microsoft systems because the ps3 want be able to play half the games that the other 2 can because of the new techonoly that's in them.
what i don't understand in why fanboys belive that microsoft want be able to use br.for one thing sony isn't the only company that own br,they have about a 100 companies that have shares in br so sony can't just do what they want.the biggest reason that microsoft will be able to use br is because sony will hurt more then microsoft if they don' uses microsoft programes in all most all of their products,sony uses microsoft programes in their computers,cameras,some of their tv controllers and other products will have to let microsoft and even tichiba use br if it's the main format,hell look at cds and dvds,so many companies have stock in them thay the majority of the people can't even name what company use their name and pushed it to help them win and the wins were over sony and guess what sony even uses dvds and they used vhs and cds to even after they tryed to beat them with their own format but lost,so all this talk about sony not letting microsoft use br is just ridiculious,hell just look at the history of the other format and the programes sony uses that belongs to microsoft and you will see that it will hurt sony more then microsoft because microsoft is a software company first but sony is a hardware company that uses microsoft software in some of their products,so before people start talking about sony not letting microsoft use br better check the history of format wars and the software that sony uses in their product that belongs to microsoft and then people will see that there is no chance in h*ll that sony want let microsoft use br if they want because it will be a smart buisness deal for sony.

Kaz Hirai3590d ago

- The continued decimation of the PIGbox 360 by my marvellous PerfectionStation 3!
- The RROD failure rate reaches an all time high at 173%.
- Nazisoft's reputation reaches an all time low, with the Xbot PIGS finally starting a rebellion.
- Nazisoft embarces the marvellous Blu-Ray and admits their foolish mistake of backing HD-DVD!
- The inevitable discontinuation of the PIGbox 360!


Mycococo3590d ago


but anyway... i highly doubt microsoft will drop the 360 line alltogether like with the original xbox. there was too much investment into this console for them to just drop it a year after it became profitable. i predict a 360 slim to carry on the name and maybe a new console but they are going to have to do some convincing that the early 720 consoles wont be a hack like the 360 launch system.

ms will need a new console to keep up with ps3 graphics though. that i am for sure of.
i heart 360... the reelness!

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW3590d ago

You're back. Good. So, please, explain to me what the hell PIGbox is supposed to mean? That's the worst name I've heard for the 360 yet. It's actually pathetic.. Come on, I know you can think of a better name than that..

Kaz Hirai3590d ago

Nazisoft are PIGS. Their entire fanbase are PIGS, as they enjoy feeding on Nazisoft's SLOP, hence the name "PIGbox 360."
This is a known fact and I did not make it up. Since when does King Kaz make things up?


Mr PS33590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

And in the reflection you will see a Xbot , Xboxpig ,a xbox swine ,a BABOON ,a BABOONBOT
And next time you speak to Mr Kaz Hirai address him in the proper way and kneel and call him Sir
Ok there you god Dam Xbot

Kaz Hirai3590d ago

You put that Xbot PIG in his place! Have a bubble on King Kaz!


The Killer3590d ago

i agree with ur comments and they deserve it but dont attack them that much, they might leave gaming or hate their lifes!! try to convince then thats its time to jump ship to ps3 and 360 was good till mid-2007!!

but they are the biggest @$$ Hooools i ever so in gaming!
join the party!
ha ha ha ha ha!!

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DarkSniper3590d ago

Dark Sniper's 2008 predictions for Microsoft is not viewed as a rather positive one for the slave driven company.

With hardware failures still increasing over a 75% defective rate, customers are losing faith quickly in what was supposed to have been an era of victory for their XBOX 360 platform. Microsoft has decieved the consumers one too many times and now they have placed their faith in the company that has never let their customers down. Sony.

PLAYSTATION® 3 endured competition against what was supposed to be the perfect holiday of games in regards to XBOX 360. Not only did PS3 endure this wave of games, but it sold more units on a worldwide scale. This proves that the Playstation brand is still the #1 household name in interactive electronics. All of the AAA exclusives are only found on PLAYSTATION® 3. If you want second rate, garbage 640p exclusives, then maybe XBOX 360 is up your alley.

XBOX 360 is nothing more than an exhausted console that will shrivel away and die like a vegetable in the middle of the desert in 2008.


Mycococo3590d ago

i got the ps3 at launch. played the best games bought even the worst. frankly the best game was calling all cars and resistance. warhawk was good but what happened to single player that would have actuall made it a NO! THE PS3 REALLY LET ME DOWN AND EVEN THOU THERE ARE 2 MORE QUALITY GAMES AVAILABLE FOR IT it still let me down and most of all SONY LET ME DOWN by not providing needed dev kits in time to get the games out sooner.

I SOLD MY PS3 AND ALL MY GAMES(12 NOT COUNTING PSN TITLES) ALL FOR A 360 AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. thing about it with the ps3 cause there arent good games you fanboys have a lot of time to argue your sheeit on forums while 360 owners arebusy playing games. in my case i just beat bioshock, all of orange box halo 3, cod4, skate, and now i am taking a gaming break before i finish mass effect. lol

kewlkat0073590d ago

but I have a question...If MS was to use HD-DVD for games, would it be one step ahead of piracy?

I mean if a format becomes a "Dead Movie" format that means, no Burners are made for it and such, so gamers would not have the Hardware to copy games..

It would become like a prepriotory format, I'm saying..

anyhow just a thought...

bootsielon3590d ago

There would probably still be a few HD-DVD burners around that piracy proliferators are gonna get their hands on this year. They'll burn everything on Blu-ray, and modify the 720 to use Blu-ray, problem solved. By then Blu-ray diodes will be significantly cheaper, so I doubt it would be an expensive mod.

green3590d ago

i believe the next xbox will have a hybrid blu ray/hd-dvd drive.

hd-dvd drive for games and also to tackle piracy,and blue-ray for movies etc.

As for their predictions about xbox720.It wont happen,more like a redesign like the ps slime with built in wifi will be announced.

well those are my predictions

zane_78493590d ago

I don't think it would be very smart to have the next microsoft console using a HD-DVD drive. One of the main reasons Sony has been able to bring the price down on the PS3 so swiftly is the refinements and cheaper production of the core components of the system. As more items use Blu-Ray and it gains momentum the price to produce it's diodes, etc become that much cheaper.

If microsoft launches their next console with dead technology it will be very hard to bring down the price, as they would be the only ones using the tech. Plus HD-DVD has kind of a negative connotation with consumers now, and microsoft consoles (as far as reliability) now have a negative connotation too - I don't think mixing the two is going to sound like a sound investment for a consumer.

ip-student3590d ago

It will have bluray - if anything. Personally I think the next gen console (the 720/PS4 if you will) will be powerful enough to do procedural generation of art and real time lighting with shadows, thus greatly reducing the cost and time spent creating games. So bluray may be included because that is the format that won the movie format war but I could see DVD still being used because you wont need that much space (or just downloading the software and getting rid of the optical drive all together - that would certainly make the console cheaper/smaller/more quiet). Plus flash memory is becoming must less expensive so that is another possibility. So - yeah - I see this as potentially being the last generation of optical media - it isn't needed anymore for the vast majority of people. Something ala steam is more likely.

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