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EA Flagging YouTube content containing Battlefield 3 footage, Our discussion

In this 16 minute audio clip ZitterZap and NOVAxDRAGON talk about EA flagging YouTube content containing Battlefield 3 footage and how this affect the smaller YouTubers who are not partnered. We analyze whether this is for short term profit gain from EA and if it will affect their brand in the long term. We talk about how big corporations are showing their power on YouTube and will this have a demoralizing effect on YouTubers who for the most part are doing this for free. We speculate whether we will see game companies in the future distribute licenses to control what kind of video content is distributed on the internet regarding their game. We analyze the growth in YouTube community and whether it has a part in making it a target when compared to services like Twitch. (Battlefield 3, EA, Industry, PC, PS3, TwitchTV, Xbox 360, YouTube)

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nofallouthero  +   826d ago
i hope one day that video game videos on youtube wont be illegal but it seems to be headed that way
GrandTheftZamboni  +   825d ago
EA might change their decision if less people buy their games. I wouldn't want to get stuck in a game without being able to see how I can go through in a video. I don't have 2 hours to figure out a strategy to defeat some crazy hard boss. From now on, EA games mean there is nowhere to look for help.
DARK WITNESS  +   825d ago
EA will have their own official ea videos that you can download..... for $5 each.

or you can get the games official EA stratergy guide.... for $15.

or maybe it's just time to stop buying EA games.
CraigandDayDay  +   825d ago
Why does it even matter this long after the game has been out. It's not going to make a difference in sales, good or bad. LoL It's already sold millions and will still sell probably a good amount, but YouTube footage is probably not going to have a positive or negative effect on sales.
MrMister  +   825d ago
Well, EA has a reputation to uphold...it's not easy being the king of evil game companies. Activision and Capcom are going for the crown too, y'know. Seems like EA is determined to grip that title firmly.
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Soldierone  +   825d ago
Its ridiculous.

1 EA USES IT TO PROMOTE! Go like the Battlefield page. Every single day they are posting user videos to promote the game.....a bit ironic?

2 I've said this before, who do we contact to get rights to use it? Lets say we are profiting off it, but only making maybe 10 bucks off it and we say "okay ill give you half" who do we contact about sharing 5 bucks? Thats the problem YOU CANT! Yet they will gladly block you over 10 bucks. Unless you are a star and making hundreds of dollars, you will never be able to contact them about usage rights....

Ever try contacting a Hollywood rep? A music company to get rights to a song? Yeah good luck without hiring a thousand dollar rep of your own....
Software_Lover  +   825d ago
Youtube, THE GREATEST SOURCE OF INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET, will die a slow and painful death very soon if this stuff keeps up. Its just getting sad the way these companies are acting.

............................. . I blame Apple, lol.
Adva  +   825d ago
Probably some random person at EA flagging the vids.
hazelamy  +   825d ago
i doubt that, they've probably got some bot doing it, that's the way these things are done these days.

some badly written bot sending takedown notices without anybody ever checking its results.
ZitterZap  +   825d ago
Its done by some third party contractors that EA hired. They take a cut of whatever ad revenue they save for EA.
momthemeatloaf  +   825d ago
My guess is EA and Activision and these other big game companies will have their own youtube channels and have all their content copyrighted so they get all the profit. Eventually it will be go to them or see nothing, similar in a way to how Vevo gets all the exclusive music videos first.

I also see the same eventually happening to sports and anything else you can think of.

Youtube is very unorganized now with no laws. Anyone can upload almost anything and get paid, and they get paid a lot too, it's pretty crazy. An average gaming commentator can make more than the average developer of the GAME! Corporations are seeing this and not liking it.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   825d ago
COD uploads mine right to youtube for me with no problems. Love that feature. Weird EA has a problem.
glennco  +   825d ago
bad move. it is called publicity. it seems to be run by clueless executives. to not allow this on a game that has some funny and mind blowing moments is just flat out stupid.

almost had enough of that company, everything they touch turns to shit.
kornbeaner  +   825d ago
I had a claim put on my BF3 PC review like a month ago and the video hasn't changed much, not sure why they would claim this come 8 months later but if this is going to be the new protocol for their videos, where I will not see a dime because it's their game. Then they can suck a D!CK, I do reviews because first I love gaming, Second I want to inform my fellow gamers on what I think of certain games and third, equippment and games are not cheap. I don't want to make a wealthy living off my youtube channel, but If I can make enough money to buy new games and equipment so that I can keep the channel going and also eat in the process then why not? But I have no problem focusing on games that won't already get a huge amount of hype from other outlets.
WillGuitarGuy  +   825d ago
Literally 80% of my Battlefield 3 videos are flagged by EA. I'm not making money off the videos, so why should they? It's BS.
Psychotica  +   825d ago
It's like a communist country controlling the news media. They only want the public to see and hear what they want them to.
Hufandpuf  +   824d ago
I don't think videogames even enter the discussion when talking politics.

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