Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles Review: Gamer 2.0 says 7.1

Joshua Schwartzman of Gamer 2.0 writes, "Assassin's Creed definitely made a big splash on consoles, proving to be one of the most popular and exciting titles of 2007. With such a huge fan base already gathered up, Altair's latest adventure rekindles the flame from the previous version while offering new and innovation segments that will surely keep you entertained. While Altair's Chronicles has its fair share of letdowns and problems, the core concept alone is one that will please fans and give DS owners a worthy title to play."

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blacsheep3662d ago

this title to the psp where the graphics do the game justice

PS360WII3662d ago

Hey in the DS version getting info from people is pretty cool and could be done this way on the PSP. You get to touch the screen on time with the presure points and slide up the arm with a move of the stylists. Plus they want the game to sell not be looked at in the demo area of GameStop then side lined for the next homebrew wave which is why it's found of DS not PSP