Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review -

Excessively propagandist and clearly not on par with this packed holidays season, Warfighter's solo lacks the fun it would require for accepting its over- the-top military apology and super- biased views of the world, despite some really nice initiatives like the vehicle sequences. Multiplayer-wise, it's clearly improved with a real class-based formula and duo gameplay tactics, but is that enough with what's coming? We don't think so.

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seanpitt232005d ago

It's not looking good a lot of fives going about I might have to cancel my preorder here crappy hasn't even shipped it yet and it comes out tomorrow in uk so they have probably done me a favour.

claterz2005d ago

Just got my copy from ShopTo. Looking forward to trying it out myself though just to see if it's as bad as the reviewers are saying it is. Will probably keep it for the multiplayer anyway as I'm getting bored of BF3 lol

ElitaStorm2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

do you really trust reviewer when you want to buy a game?

if you do, well you must be lost

Ak47Russia2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Im not fan of reviews especially this gen but....

I'm glad this game getting low scores! these kind of game with stupid USA-UK propaganda campaigns need to be banned from the game industry, Games are made for fun not for manipulation and politics...

Detoxx2004d ago

Exactly, it should stay a game