Battle Fantasia revealed for Xbox 360 and PS3

Developer Arc System Works has officially revealed its latest fighting game in this weeks' edition of Famitsu. The game is called Battle Fantasia and will be released simultaneously on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in May 2008 in Japan. Battle Fantasia will be quite different then normal fighting games and the game includes colorful graphics and a very unique gameplay style.

Battle Fantasia also features a big story mode as well as support for head-to-head online multiplayer. The game is scheduled for release in May 2008 in Japan. An American/European release has not been confirmed yet.

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Yi-Long3783d ago

... plus it seems like it's a 2d sprite-based fighter, so that's nice :)

WIll it be a retail-game, or for Marketplace/PSN?

Looks promising :)

Gambus Kahn3783d ago

Can you say Odin Sphere the Fighting Game!!!

midgard2293783d ago

i think its the odin sphere character designer from the looks of it (i draw so i know art styles)

mullet3783d ago

Blaze Blue looks better.

jlemdon3783d ago

yes it does only because we like those character designs.:)

Skerj3783d ago

I'll just import it, region free ftmfw!!

midgard2293783d ago

while blazeblue does look alot better, i still will play this. hopefully blazeblue will replace Guilty gear x2 accent core. as best 2d fighter out :D

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