Four Months After Release, Lollipop Chainsaw Slashed to $20.

Proof that sex doesn't sell; or more likely, doesn't sell at $60.

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rezzah1642d ago

A very fun and entertaining game.

Captain Qwark 91642d ago

is it actually good lol? i didnt even consider it because it looked more like a joke like that bear game

yesmynameissumo1642d ago

I thought it was shit. The concept is good, but the execution is flawed. Combat it wonky at best and there's simply too much "rinse & repeat".

Captain Qwark 91642d ago

i dont mind rinse and repeat lol all games are Rinse and repeat but if its not polished rinse and repeat than it tends to be more noticeable lol

i think ill pass on this like i have been doing. thanks for the info though

AsimLeonheart1642d ago

Doesn't sells?? Man, the game sold more than any other game made by Grasshopper studios. It is their highest selling game ever. What more do you want? Grasshopper games have never been multimillion sellers so it is stupid to expect such sales numbers.

Army_of_Darkness1642d ago

So I got it for $20 last week. Pretty awesome game for that price. I guess sex sells for some people... and yes, I'm guilty for it! Lol!

jetlian1642d ago

played and beat it on sunday. It was fun and combat gets better as you play. they have homing as an upgrade. So your attacks track better. Combos also get higher later on.

If you like goofy mixed with zombies its cool. Its about 5-6 hours long first play through

kma2k1642d ago

This is one of those games that its kinda hard to explain, is it "good" no its not a good game, is it "fun" yes its a fun game.

To me this is the perfect game to rent for a weekend, then never really think about it again!

R6ex1642d ago

Where is the "Sex" element, may I ask???

Nothing to see here. Move along ...

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KrimsonKody1642d ago

It's worth a 7 day rent.
Play it.
Get the experience.
You will most likely beat it...I mean, finish the game, lol.
If you tend to not like it, send it back.

But yeah, it is quick mindless fun, so I enjoyed it. It wasn't so bothering because it was a short game.
I don't own the game now, but it's one of those quirky games you would'nt mind having in your collection.

LNDCalling1642d ago

I'd pick it up for £10, so am glad to hear it!

Venox20081642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I think its 15 in amazon now with free UK delivery.. worth a price game

SeraphimBlade1642d ago

Ouch. I was expecting $30 at the least, but $20?

Well, I can honestly say it's worth the money now. Bit repetitive but the funny dialogue and bats**t story make up for it. Still prefer Killer7 and No More Heroes as far as Suda51 games go, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.