CD Projekt RED Interview: Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher 2 Piracy, Windows 8, and more

PCGamer- Earlier this week I had a chat with CD Projekt RED PR Specialist Agnieszka Szóstak and GOG Head of PR & Marketing Trevor Longino. We briefly discussed several topics, including CDP RED’s upcoming open-world RPG Cyberpunk 2077, GOG’s take on Windows 8 and its new Mac library, as well as some of the piracy issues CDP has been so vocal about in the past.

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MWH2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

good attitude makes great developers.

tubers2005d ago

Wow that's an amazing perception towards piracy.

Hope this company prevails.

Bigpappy2004d ago

I am happy that they are trying the open world approach. I would have love to spend more time in Witcher2's world. That game was too short and completely story driven. I was still a very enjoyable game though, and their first effort on console was very well executed. I hope to see more of thier game come to consoles, as there are many people who just do not want to game on PC's.

-MD-2004d ago

Absolutely love how CD Projekt Red handles their games and their fans.

I will be buying Cyberpunk on day 1. These guys are one of a kind.