Medal of Honor Warfighter: Danger Close Makes The Better Single Player(PushStartSelect Review)

PushStartSelect: "Medal of Honor: Warfighter takes that action hero you see in Hollywood movies and lets you (the player) be him. I can’t think of a better way to describe the single player in this game. It was breath taking at times, confusing, and yet fun the entire time. So fun that I accidentally played it from beginning to end in one sitting. The single player experience is what will make Medal of Honor stand out, and not be just another shooter."

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venom061647d ago

it REALLY is a great single player campaign... and mulitplayer isn't too bad either... THAT IDIOT FROM DETRCUTOID IS SMOKIN CRACK..

Adexus1647d ago

I'm playing the campaign at the moment and it's great so far, incredible graphics and sound.

Soldierone1647d ago

Did they talk about how they did the cutscenes? The faces are incredible.

Adexus1647d ago

A lot of the cutscenes are CGI, do you mean those?

Soldierone1647d ago

Yeah. Even being CGI, I've never seen animations with such cool faces. I think they were super imposed onto the models or something?

Adexus1647d ago

Not too sure, they look great most of the time, but they can look a bit... strange other times, not sure how to explain it so I guess you'll just have to see for yourself :D

Soldierone1646d ago

No I know what you are talking about lol. My GF was watching me play the game and during several scenes I was going "doesn't the little girls face look creepy sometimes?" and it happened the next time she showed up it did lol

Adexus1646d ago

Yup! The little girls face is the weirdest looking one, looks so strange and just "not right" lol