ESRB announces no-cost ratings system for downloadable games.

GameDynamo - "The ESRB today announced a no-cost, streamlined service for the assignment of ratings to all digitally distributed games content."

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Cam9772003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Interesting...wondered when this would happen.

Xof2003d ago

The ESRB is a joke.

Media needs a single, unified rating system to be applied to everything. Digital games, retail games, movies, books, whatever.

And it should probably be the MPAA rating system because that's the one most people are familiar with.

isntchrisl2003d ago

The MPAA is a far bigger joke than the ESRB. I wouldn't want them anywhere near games.

Xof2003d ago

I didn't say, "let the MPAA do it," I said, "use their rating system."

If Call of Duty were rated R instead of M, there'd be a lot fewer ten-year-old-twats playing it, for example.

JackBNimble2002d ago

You don't really think that an "R" rated CoD would really weed out the tweens do you? Kids are going to get the games they want no matter what the rating.
A special thanks to mom and dad.

wampdog292002d ago

How about the responsibility just goes back to the parents?