Halo 4 graphics - will next gen be that much better?

With the Halo 4 launch trailer using in game graphics, it raises the question as to how good the majority of next gen games will look in comparison.

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Keith Olbermann1761d ago

Dumb. Current gen games look better.

Captain Qwark 91761d ago

very few if any, at least not on consoles. uncharted and god of war 3 are prob the only two that can give it a competition as far as i can see. perhaps heavy rain too but thats barely a game.

and dont cite weak games with washed out color palettes either. halo has achieved its graphics using a wide variety of colors as opposed to 2-3

NewZealander1760d ago

halo 4 looks insane, im blown away by the fact that 343 have taken a game that was getting seriously dated and shaken it up to produce a game that looks this good, it was probably a huge risk to take halo fans away from what they know and show a different side of the series, but its probably the best thing they could have done for the series.

the standard just keeps getting higher, halo 4 looks buttery smooth, add that to forza horizon, one of the most impressive open world racers i have ever seen, i was blown away by how smooth that game is and virtually free from pop in and frame dips....its unreal

just goes to show theres still a bit of life in the current consoles!

Army_of_Darkness1760d ago

Killzone 3 looks way better than this game! who ever says otherwise is just ridiculous... OMG.

GameNameFame1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

and go play halo 3.

You will immediately realize halo 3 looks nothing like "in game" graphics trailer.

Mostly because Bungie did alot of touch ups on it. Since 343 has some people from Bungie, wont be surprised they did the same.

Even with the touch ups, graphics are not as good as certain games already out there.

ChrisW1760d ago


Could you at least try to compare H4 to a game on the Xbox? Sheesh!

CommonSense1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

i don't find KZ to be visually impressive. Guess i'm "ridiculous."

wishingW3L1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

@CommonSense yes you are. You probably don't find it impressive because:

1. you have no idea what the game does at a technical level. Here are 3 links so you can learn to appreciate it:

2. you're just judging the game's art direction

3. fanboy goggles

Ak47Russia1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


Forza horizon car models are so low poly i have the models for my 3d max and they are between 50k and 80k polys, that why the game is smooth. even car models and environment in NFS most wanted looks way better than Horizon...


ShinMaster1760d ago

So unless we're saying Mass Effect has the best graphics and animations, then no.

Also, as someone above already said, if you compare Halo's "Gameplay" trailers(i.e. Halo 3) vs the actual game when you play it, looks different.

Halo 4 does look great. It's among some of the best looking console games. Killzone has some technical achievements that I don't think any other console game this gen has match.
God of War, Uncharted and The Last of Us are pretty impressive as well.

humbleopinion1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I don't find Killzone 3 even comparable to Halo Reach level graphics. It does some things right, but lacks in many other area: It has amazing particle effects and some of the best character animations for an FPS, and the art direction is very good. The forward renders makes the lighting also look very good.
But on the other hand it has no HDR at all results in limited color range, many textures are blurry, small framebuffer for explosions and visual effects makes them look blurry, the archaic MLAA implementation doesn't look good (even the QSAA they had for Killzone 2 looks much better), and many models are just too low poly. The game suffers in many different areas, especially if you compare it to Halo Reach graphics which excels in all the things I mentioned here (perhaps except for their own AA method which is also not very good).

You're bringing Killzone 3 to a Halo thread here, but even if you are not trolling at least try to stick to the technical truth. Calling people who say otherwise "ridiculous" without even bringing up any fact to back your claims up is ridiculous by itself.

This is what the game actually looks like - with no touch ups or supersampling:

Pretty good IMO, but will reserve judgement until actually playing it.

Forza Horizon, just like any other racing game, had multiple LOD models raging from probably 5k to 500k (Forza 4 carried even higher polycount in photo mode) depending on the car distance and game mode. 50-70K for a model is actually very good considering most good looking games don't even offer half of that for their main character.

Forza Horizon is indeed the best looking open world racing game, but the truth is that it doesn't have much competition (only Test Drive unlimited, Fuel and the aging burnout paradise).
lets see how NFS Most Wanted actually turns out in comparison this coming week, but based on their vast past experience I do expect Criterion to deliver a game which is at least as beautiful. I for one don't mind having two amazing looking open world racers released at the same timeframe.

insomnium21760d ago


Did you lok at the photos you linked? You can't even tell if that's a last gen or a current gen game from those pics.

More importantly using pics only to try and say KZ is not comparable is....well....I don't even know what to say to that.

BertlSenix1760d ago

The Last of Us,The new God of War Game and Beyond Two Souls look a lot better than Halo 4 and so does Uncharted 3.

Halo 4 is maybe the best looking game on the 360(i think Witcher 2 looks better) but overall the upcoming PS3 Exclusives destroy it.

Kurt Russell1760d ago

Regardless of the usual graphical arguement (I think Halo 4 looks great personally, others clearly are not so wowwed) gameplay wise Halo 4 looks brilliant... I personally cannot wait to play it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

@Captain Qwark 9

crysis 2 & 3? oh yes that was easy

also killzone 3

we are talking about graphics right? so there u go.

Also it's another halo which is ok. But name at least 3-5 new AAA ip's that are not shooter exclusive on 360. and Not some forza sh!t either.

INehalemEXI1760d ago

halo 4 gfx they aight...meh compared to wii u games.

ambientFLIER1760d ago

Killzone is linear as shit. Halo 4 isn't. Not hard to make a good looking game when you're forcing players down linear corridors that are ten feet wide...versus having a huge Halo warzone.

humbleopinion1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )


If you find these photos last gen you must have a very high end PC with very actual few games to utilize it. I would have even believed you if you didn't bring Killzone 3 to the argument.

Have you actually compared direct feed and non-bullshots images from Killzone 3? As I said, Halo Reach already surpassed it on a technical level. What makes you think that 2 years later the difference won't be bigger?

I guess there's a reason why we don't see any direct feed comparisons here from other FPS games. It's easier for people to talk nonsense when they don't have a point of reference. It's also easier to talk about future games from different genres that can't be properly analyzed.

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AfricanGamer9ja1761d ago

It will forever never be as good as Killzone2/3,I can only imagine how Killzone4 will be on the PS4.

Muffins12231761d ago

Well,everything will be grey and ugly

AfricanGamer9ja1761d ago

@Muffins1223 then you have not played the game.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1761d ago

It looks about as good as Resistance 3.

spicelicka1761d ago Show
Muerte24941761d ago

You have clearly never played Killzone 2. That game differs from Halo in almost every from of the word. Halo Reach and even Halo 4 have adopted making the gun as big and detailed only after they seen Killzone 2.

Killzone 2 had a weight feel to it. Like you were actually carrying a gun and not something made out of cardboard. I love Halo and will be logging many hours into Halo 4. But Killzone 2 was beast of a game and had longer legs on it then Killzone 3. I didn't like the COD direction Guerilla took with that one.

Norrison1761d ago

Killzone looks like shit, low res textures everywhere, even though I like the PS3 more, I hated killzone especially the third one, it looks "Good" because of the ugly color filters it uses to hide it's lack of detail.

spicelicka1761d ago

explain this to me, can killzone simultaneously have close to 40 enemies, vehicles, 5 times the amount of space, and 4PLAYER CO-OP with all players interacting with different things all over the map! and pull even close to the kind of graphics it seems to have???

NO? Then stop making fail comparisons!! you're even making people who like killzone hate on it.

tubers1760d ago

KZ2 > KZ3 ... The low contrast was really beatiful.. KZ3 graphics looks a bit "different".. the mix of contrast didn't have that impact for me. KZ 2 had a very unique graphical presentation also with its gun fov and swerves.

This Halo 4 graphics doesn't look THAT amazing nor unique compared to GoW 3, KZ 2, Crysis 1/2, BF3 graphical presentation..

(not talking about lore and gameplay here)

AsheXII1760d ago

Halo has colors, it doesn't need black pallets to cover up the smudges.

Soldierone1760d ago

Seriously people complain about how things are done to look good now.....Who cares how they did it, Killzone still looks amazing.

And for those saying "oh its only dull colors" you obviously only watched the trailers. Killzone 3 has plenty of jungle area's with greens and blues in it.

TooTall191760d ago

There are a lot of people who need to get the Killzone Trilogy. Killzone 2 and 3 are the best looking console shooters this gen. It's tough to tell how good Halo 4 will look from trailers, but it's highly unlikely that it will surpass Killzone.

WetN00dle691760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

LMFAO!! Ive seen in game Halo 4 footage dude. I managed to see the first 10mins before they removed the video. And let me tell you HALO 4 craps all over both KZ 2 and 3.

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CrustifiedDibbs1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

So many ps3 fanboys talking about kz, yet the servers for kz 2 and 3 are ghostowns. There are more people playing halo3 that both kz put together. If kz Is so great, why don't you fanboys play it instead of bragging about it on the net?

Halo looks very bit as good as kz (if not better) and that's with more ai on screen, bigger area, and WAY more game types and features. Without shiny graphics, kz is another bad shooter. Great graphics in halo Is just another plus for a top notch fps. Kz relies on graphics, halo does not.

JasonKCK1760d ago

I dont get how pro Halo comments in Halo news are being removed for trolling, but I can mention KZ or PS3 20 times and get a "well said".