SuicideGirl gamer of the week: Arroia Suicide

46% of all game purchasers are girls. That's why each week Examiner is sitting down with a SuicideGirls model who is also into video games. This week Examiner spoke with Arroia Suicide, an RPG fangirl from South Africa.

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zdkapl1948d ago

Why can't there be an article about normal girl gamers. Not this crap about models who play games. Or how about we just acknowledge the fact that girls play games and not make labels like "girl gamer"

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1948d ago

SuicideGirls aren't exactly models per se. They're just really alternative girls.

AbyssGravelord1948d ago

They get paid to take pictures practically naked, they're models.

Blacktric1948d ago Show
detroitmademe1948d ago

46% of all game purchases r girls?i didnt know this,it doesnt seem that way while im at gamestop.i guess "all game purchases" includes the smartphone games and such.I know theres tons of girl gamers but 46% seems a little high.

SilentNegotiator1948d ago

46% of Purchas"ER"s

And 80% of the PURCHASES themselves were done by males, probably.

taquito1948d ago ShowReplies(1)
MrAnderson1948d ago

Bullshit statistics, every played an FPS online or an MMO or anything online basically, you'll come accross a girl once in a blue moon, of course there are girls who play games, but it's an incredibly small minority.

Qrphe1948d ago

ITA: "Imma gamur gurl love me nerds xDDD"

SilentNegotiator1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

XBL gamer girls: "LOL stop hitting on me guis! <3 XDDDDDDD"

PSN Gamer girls: "*beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-* [flatline sound]"

PC gamer girls: "OMG You're such a f***ing noob! No wonder you only have 89 hours on L4D2! NO, NO, NO that's not how you use a boomer! Let's kick him, my 2 males friends that make me feel validated! This player had the audacity to die once!" least, that's MY experience with the general anonymous populous of expressive/noticeably female gamers online.

And that's "anonymous" players, as in, of people I don't know. The same thing could pretty much be said about anonymous male players being raging homophobes that accuse everyone of cheating. It's not like people I actually associate with act this way....just the general gender groups from my experiences online.

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