Announcing the Halo 4 War Games Pass

Major Nelson writes:

"With the highly anticipated launch of “Halo 4” on Nov. 6 less than two weeks away, Microsoft and 343 Industries today unveiled that there will be more content to come in the months post-launch, and the “Halo 4” War Games Map Pass is your ticket to getting it all at a 15 percent discount. Stoking the excitement for launch, 343 Industries also premiered the gameplay launch trailer for “Halo 4, available now on Halo Waypoint."

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Sovereign591820d ago

It kind of bothers me that these map packs already seem to be fully planned out. I'm not saying that maybe some of these could have been included on the disc, but I know the fact that they already have the maps planned all the way into April is going make some people suspicious. Still, there is a plethora of content coming in the package that is Halo 4 and I am very much looking forward to it. I'll probably wait until closer to the release of the first map pack before buying the season pass though. The scanner helmet looks kinda cool, that's a decent bonus, in my opinion.

JonahFalcon1820d ago

Would you rather they work on the map packs DURING the game's development, or after the game is finished?

Sovereign591820d ago

AFTER the game is finished. Did you not understand what I was trying to say? Where they already have all of these map packs planned out and the game still has 2 weeks until release, one might believe that they have been working on this stuff for some amount of time already.

Intentions1820d ago


The game went gold like a month ago. So it ain't surprising that they are already working on the DLC maps.

grahf1820d ago

Game Dev 101. The game is done, dude. Its been done for at least a month, and the discs are being pressed & prepped for shipping as we speak, hence the MAJOR leak last week. That wasn't some beta code, that was THE GAME, box & all.

So, the map designers were probably done with the 10 included in game, what... months ago? What do you think they have been doing since then, running errands and helping out with QA? Nope, they've been working on new map designs! Ones that you don't have to buy unless you want to! Amazing, right?

Shadonic1820d ago

well considering the vibe and the artistic and gameplay settings they would need these things to be planned out to flesh out everything in the map and make it balanced when its ready for the public. They could have introduced these maps into halo 4 yes but that would just delay it from comeing out which costs even more money on top of the millions already put in plus dealing with space restraints and this is on top of things like over all map balanceing and redesigning.

pr0digyZA1820d ago

The game has two weeks to release yes, but it went gold a while ago, so they probably are working on it.

cl19831820d ago

Being that the maps aren't done yet, it be hard to have them at launch

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MadMen1820d ago Show
deadfrag1820d ago

Halo its a M$ IP,people already pay for xbox live this packs shoud be free!!What a screw on gamers!

GasTankKiller1820d ago

To funny. I'm sure you've never paid for a single expansion pack.

grayfoxx8811820d ago

I'm having a wait-and-see approach for Halo 4. I know it will get great reviews, and I have total confidence in 343. I think I got too hyped up for Reach, and then ended up being a little disappointed with it. If the multiplayer is better than the last game, I may have to renew my gold subscription and pick up this pass.

stage881819d ago

You should see the ending for Halo 4. It's disappointing to say the least.

grayfoxx8811819d ago

Meh. I've never really cared about the campaign's story since Halo 2. Whenever I look up gameplay for Halo, it's multiplayer. So you've seen the ending? I heard there was a prominent character death. Is the ending easy to search for?