Call Of Duty Tops List Again.. Score at 3-2

Last week we saw Call Of Duty 4 get back on to level pegging in terms of weekly wins. Well now they have taken the lead by 3 weeks to 2 over Bungie's sci-fi epic Halo 3...

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crazypuppet3447d ago

halo 3 was top until February so thats alot more then 2 weeks

Blogizzle3447d ago

Actually according to Major Nelsons Lists Halo has only been top twice in 2008

Check out -

toughNAME3447d ago

The article is just 2008

even though its the older game, Halo 3 has been killing COD4

FirstknighT3447d ago

I say in about 7 months. It's going to be Battlefield: Bad company vs. Halo 3. COD4 will be a memory. Next year will be Gears of War 2 vs. Halo 3. Battleifield will be a memory. You catch the pattern??? Halo 3 will be fighting for the top spot for years to come.

FrostyMelon3447d ago

I doubt either of them will see the top spot into next year, probably not into this year. There are too many great games coming down the pipe this year that are going to attract/pull a lot of folks from these games.

ambientFLIER3447d ago

Exactly. It will follow in H2's footsteps. No amount of crying from the PS3 fanboys over its graphics or whatever is going to change that.

The BS Police3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

At the end of the year Halo 3 will be number 1 once eevryone is done with the COD4.

I assume this since Halo 3 just offers replayability, I see people playing Call of Duty 4 for only two reasons, Number One being that it's new, and the other because they are taking a break from Halo 3.