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crimsonfox1917d ago

New wallpaper!!! I love their artwork

Hydrolex1916d ago


Anna Rex Bank, or Anna Rexia bank

jamesgtaiv1916d ago

"Pest Control"

Gas Mask... Plane chemtrail

LOL conspiracy theory minded R*

Dee_911916d ago

omg stop teasing !!!!!!!
i hope they start giving us news on the 1st of november

Awesome_Gamer1916d ago

Can't wait, love this series!

calibann1916d ago

@jamesgtaiv I don't think they're playing on the chemtrail conspiracy. I think either it just ties into the mission in the trailer where you fly a plane and emit a gas over a marijuana farm or they're wearing gas masks because they're about to rob a bank and the police could very well use tear gas.

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Mr_cheese1917d ago

fingers crossed *blow my mind* Blow my mind*

GamerElite1916d ago

I would also like to be blown

Cam9771917d ago

AMAZING! Anna Rex was a billboard in GRAND THEFT AUTO: IV.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1916d ago

Annarex. i c what you did there...

Did you see what I did there XD

xchamp1917d ago

Release date maybe? Game Informer's December cover will be GTA V so hopefully we will finally get a release date and maybe another trailer?

crazysammy1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

I think GTA would look amazing if they cel shaded it similar to that art. I know they aren't, but you can't deny how awesome it looks.

BigStef711917d ago

Well there was crackdown that was made by David Jones who designed Gta 1 and 2. So if you want to play a great cell shaded open world game then try that out but not the sequel because crackdown 2 sucks badly unfortunately lol

crazysammy1917d ago

Haha yea, I did play those and they are fun but I think the extra $$ Rockstar would put in could make it look even better!

BigStef711917d ago

I agree it would be really cool. I like cell shading art style in games allot lol

NYC_Gamer1917d ago

I disagree,i'm not a fan of the whole cel shaded art style.

crazysammy1916d ago

Thats cool, its not for everyone and I would hate if it became over used.

DeadManMcCarthy1916d ago

You want a cell shaded GTA? play Chinatown Wars.

teedogg801916d ago

Cel shading does look pretty cool. But I prefer the look of the game as it is. Pretty sure it would look nice though.

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The story is too old to be commented.