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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "There's been a backlash brewing for some time against the bombastic direction military shooters have taken, but it would be wrong to assume that Medal of Honor: Warfighter is simply the game unlucky enough to bear its brunt. The truth is far simpler and more depressing: it's just not that good." (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 5/10

Hasanhastam  +   915d ago
Sadly I had hop for sp
StanLee  +   915d ago
EA expected the low scores. I'm sure no one is surprised since review codes weren't sent to reviewers. It was a clear attempt to delay the negative press the game would receive prior to launch.
Norrison  +   915d ago
It was because of the day one patch, which was 1.7gb, I'm pretty sure this game is even worse without it.
chukamachine  +   915d ago

Fail of honour.
torchic  +   914d ago
Medal of Failure
SilentNegotiator  +   914d ago
Well gooooooolly, Sarge! A medal! Bless your little heart! I can't wait to tell ma and the fellas at home.
DivineAssault  +   915d ago
I hope all shooters start getting bad reviews so devs stop pumping out so many of em.. This game looked beautiful on the PC but i guess it blows
Hicken  +   914d ago
It's probably not as bad as a 5/10. Not the way reviewers use that today. If they actually used a 10-point scale the way it was supposed to be used, then I might understand.

But I know they don't, so...
TemplarDante  +   915d ago
Damn lol
I really wanted this to be good..
BUT.. BF3 is where its at :)
dark-hollow  +   915d ago
Between cod and BF3, this game has no unique identity.
floetry101  +   915d ago
It disappoints me that Warfighter will probably see millions in sales, while a great story-driven campaign like Spec Ops: The Line won't see the light of day for gamers that desperately need it.
BigStef71  +   915d ago
I really need to play that game. I heard great things about the singleplayer campaign. Critics compared it to "Apocalypse Now" which is an amazing movie so I definitely am going to get that game
finbars75  +   915d ago
The SP is great theres no doubt about that.I love the game and I think that the MP is fun as hell.Love the firestorm team and how it affects how the game is played with others.I can understand the review to a certain degree but all the people who post in here who havnt played the game have no idea of what there talking about.First your only listening to somebody else who has played it not yourself and everybody has there own opinion on the game.The people i played against and my own team had nothing but good things to say about it like myself.I didnt just play 2 games i played at least 30 games in a row and won them all but it was always against new people and had a blast.The graphics suck yes but the fun factor is there.
Bigpappy  +   915d ago
With gamers knowing that the big boys are right behind this, they might as well drop the price to $29.99 ASAP, or is t will just take up shelf space.
Soldierone  +   915d ago
It will. EA has done it at Black Friday every year. This and Need for Speed will be 30-40 dollars.
Kaneda  +   915d ago
I like how they have COD BLOPS 2 advertising all over the page.. :)
Campy da Camper  +   915d ago
So...it's the exact same game as the last SP MoH. Retarded AI, glitchy and buggy with 5th grade script writing and the dumbest squad you could possibly run with.
Bumpmapping  +   915d ago
Pretty much LOL.Top that with constant shooting and door breaching YAY!
josephayal  +   914d ago
5/10? why? this game is great, Nothing can Beat Call Of Duty Series
unknownhero1123  +   914d ago
I see what you did there haha.
R6ex  +   914d ago
Sad that gamers these days cannot appreciate an authentic shooter experience.

I pray for more MOH, BF, OFP and ARMA titles in future.

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