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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review | Destructoid

Jim Sterling writes, "Charmless, cynical, and uninspired, Warfighter encapsulates everything wrong with the annual big budget shooter industry. It's really not an awful game, it's just insipid and shallow, a title that exists solely to exist, and squeeze whatever profit remains to be had from serving the same flavorless porridge to the same unadventurous customers. It will make its money, and keep the FPS factories in business for another year." (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 5/10

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StanLee  +   1207d ago
Get ready for the onslaught of negative reviews for this game. Not surprising.
Blastoise  +   1207d ago
Maybe because its not a very good game? Eurogamer gave it a 5 too by the way.
Crazyglues  +   1207d ago
Ouch! a 5, that makes me nervous since I just bought this, has not arrived yet.. -But I hope it's not that bad.

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guitarded77  +   1207d ago
I wouldn't worry... just play it and don't think about other's opinions... especially from Destructoid. I've enjoyed several games that got panned by attention whores with a soapbox.
Blacktric  +   1207d ago
At least you'll get free wallhack in multiplayer if what the first MP trailer showed is true.

"I've enjoyed several games that got panned by attention whores with a soapbox."

Hurr durr how dare they not like something I do!
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SilentNegotiator  +   1207d ago

Give Jim's reviews a chance. He's harsh but he gives very strong analysis in his reviews.

Thank Jim for Jim.
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doogiebear  +   1207d ago
Return it asap. Dont open it. Get another game like dishonored or PSABR or whatever the hell type game. Trust me, in just 2-3 months the online lobbies will be empty in moh. Dont screw yourself over, everyone says it's whack! If u got ps plus, u can try a 1 hour trial right now to test it out yourself b4 u decide to open it.
Ju  +   1206d ago
"if what the first MP __TRAILER__" ...

interestingly, it looks like most of the opinions here are based of "videos" or "hear say". But most people here on the troll train haven't even touched the game but yet condem it.

I got it, and it is while worth the money. No regrets here.
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b163o1  +   1206d ago
People hate on any other FPS, if its not COD. It's actually hilarious. I do support(HeyPickUpThatAmmo) Dice, and will get this game, just not now, mainly cause I'm getting plenty of juice out of my BF3 copy(TwoMoreDLC's). XD
Crazyglues  +   1206d ago
Wow game is P.O.S... (piece of sh*&) get it if you want but it's has the worst graphics I have ever seen in a game... this is a POS.. i'm sorry

Game is Garbage, it's a huge mess... too many bad to even bother listing it would take up the whole page, game is pure garbage..

Complete waste of money

Blacktric  +   1205d ago
"interestingly, it looks like most of the opinions here are based of "videos" or "hear say"."

I think one of EA PR guys got drunk and went on a rampage you guys...

Joking aside, I guess it's impossible for anyone to have an actual opinion by watching the promotional material right? Eventhough the promotional material supposed to show how good the actual product is as best as possible. It seems to me that you paid 60 dollars for a horrible game that even EA themselves already partially forgotten about and now in denial to admit that it doesn't even worth half the money you paid. And as a result, coming here to tell people what is good and what is bad. Good for you.
Eyeco  +   1207d ago
I know its a bit off-topic but in Cinema, Music, Literature and Theatre a 5/10 usually means you'll either hate it or love it, but in the gaming world a 5/10 is garbage, you know what ?I'm gonna give this game a chance it can't be that bad, review scores are almost irrelevant to me these days COD scores 9's and 10's but those games are utter sh!t to me.
Ju  +   1206d ago
It's not a 5. Simple.
Beastforlifenoob  +   1207d ago
Eurogamer also gave it a "5"
ElitaStorm  +   1207d ago
this is 100% peer pressure

i think this game is great but i still miss the WWII games from MOH series
GrahamGolden  +   1206d ago
while all the major sites get their paycheck from activision to give CoD another 9+ and say how the game innovate the fps genre yet again,wich ofc the majority knows its bullshit.
TheGameHuntah  +   1207d ago
Multiplayer is a good mix between COD and BF3. Don't care about SP
Norrison  +   1207d ago | Well said
MP is being forced into every game and SP is losing quality because of people like you.
TheGameHuntah  +   1207d ago
Is not my fault if the developers are doing a crappy job with their SP campaigns. I'm not AGAINST SP, but they need to start doing something better.
That's why I always ended playing MP only.
Rivitur  +   1207d ago
Looks left at Dishonored sitting in the corner of the room then looks right at Metro: LL flicking a lamp on and off.
Vip3r  +   1207d ago
True Norrison.

I've been saying that since 2008. All people care about these days, especially with the PS3/360 games is SP. Because of that SP has to suffer badly. That and devs dont have the time or care to fix bugs and glitches.

Skyrim is the latest game I like that doesn't have MP and is fun to play. That and when my internet is down I still have decent games to play too.
doogiebear  +   1207d ago
Actually, did u ever consider that SP was being forced on this game, instead of the other way around? Some game's main focus is mp. Nobody had high hopes for the sp. I understand your point though, like how some AssCreed games were short due to tacked on mp (even though the mp was good), yet people came for the sp. But MOH leant itself to the notion that MP was it's primary selling point. Not all MP is tacked on, in fact, it's primary, while some others have short, boring SP tacked on (like BF3)
Ju  +   1206d ago
What's so bad about MoH's SP campaign? Plays great. Looks great. Does a couple of new things.'s a generic war shooter. What you expect.
Pillville  +   1207d ago
A solution for this would be to get rid of SP for these types of shooter games.

They could include an offline "bot" mode for people who don't play online, want to practice, or are playing years later.
FunAndGun  +   1207d ago
no, they should just sell them separately SP/MP, and then offer a package with both.

There are a lot of people who only play the SP, and there are a lot of people who only play the MP.

pay for what you want and play what you like.
DivineHand125  +   1207d ago
Single player is very important for the medal of honor series. It has a reputation of giving an accurate historical representation through their single player campaign.

I haven't been following warfighter so idk if they stuck to their roots with this new iteration but dropping the single player is not an option.

@FunAndGun that will never happen because they will lose money.
Rivitur  +   1207d ago
Actually that's exactly what Counter Strike GO did they placed a offline mod where you play with bots and the other mode is training course.
nunley33  +   1206d ago
killzone 2 & 3 has an offline bot mode, its rather good.
R6ex  +   1206d ago
No SP, no buy.

Developers should not mix SP & MP together in the same game.

Remember the anger generated in ME3, due to the need for MP to get max. readiness? What a farce!
Mutant-Spud  +   1207d ago
I'd pay a monthly fee for COD or Battlefield Multiplayer, there's nowhere to go with "modern" military FPS singleplayer, apart from generic terrorist hunts since that's pretty much all combat troops do these days, unless people want games about deploying to do hurricane relief or peacekeeping in the Solomon Islands.
COD and BF singleplayer campaigns over the last few years have just been basically cops and robbers, Operation Flashpoint at least tried to do something different but the execution wasn't great, what was the last real War game we had on consoles?
World At War? Hell's Highway?
Little_Suzy   1207d ago | Spam
Little_Suzy   1207d ago | Spam
MilkMan  +   1207d ago
Don't understand why EVERY SINGLE OTHER SHOOTER ON EARTH gets sh!t reviews other than COD, when they all do the same, damn thing.
There is nothing here that COD hasn't done and vice versa.
What gives?!
IIC0mPLeXII  +   1207d ago
Im sure Halo will get an obligatory 9 and up across the board, its not just call of duty.
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JellyJelly  +   1207d ago
Halo usually backs up its scores with amazing quality though. It gets the scores it deserves. Maybe if COD (or any other big name FPS) had something like Forge, but that will never happen. And that's only one of the features that sets Halo apart from other shooters.
Ju  +   1206d ago
^^^ Doesn't change the fact, if you read through the negatives this game gets in review is as generic as it gets an can be applied to pretty much every shooter these days, but yet it make this a bad game. ??? No review I read so far - and gave this game a 5 - criticizes the game itself. Most is criticism about the genre but not Danger Close's implementation. The game related issues - which this game has, I don't say it doesn't - would rate it 8, but nothing below.

Because this game does a LOT right what other games don't. And nobody talks about that.
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InTheLab  +   1207d ago
You clearly haven't played either of the rebooted MoH games. Both are sloppy and borderline broken whereas CoD, generally,has a much tighter campaign with few glitches (sp of course).

I am interested in how Euro and Dtoid are going to dig themselves out of the hole they've created with these reviews when the next CoD shows up with

The Eurogamer review really pointed out the issues with the sp like disappearing enemies, while Dtoid went with more of a general consensus approach like how we're all tired of Modern shooters.

The thing that I don't get is why the worst CoD in years (going by the new found standards of Destructiod) got a nice pass for being little more than regurgitated crap from previous titles like slo mo breaches, turret section, grizzled vet following, sniper section, etc.
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pandehz  +   1207d ago
Another one paid off by acti or just a fan boy.

You said the same thing about MW3 last year that it was similar to past iterations and nothing had been reinvented and such and yet u gave it a 9.5 and this a 5?

Wow just wow. This is wayy more than a 5. just for the effort of making a decent game I guess any game should get a 5

Warfighter has a solid campaign and from the start and within the first few lvls you'll realize its intense and gets better. Im halfway through and its very engaging and has a nice plot with some fantastic set pieces.

This reviewer is smoking crack off acti's arse.
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bubblebeam  +   1206d ago
"This reviewer is smoking crack off acti's arse."

Arse Crack??? 0_O??

Sorry, couldn't resist.
mafiahajeri  +   1207d ago
Ha and people disagreed with me when I saw this game in a expo and didn't bother playing it because it looked so bad went over to play crysis 3 that's a game to look out for not this rubbish.
torchic  +   1207d ago
Crysis 3 is going to be mental. hopefully Metro: Last Light as well.
Hasanhastam  +   1207d ago
"its not bad game but it is not very good game" what i got is game is good
DarthJay  +   1207d ago
Fair review. I'd say 6/10. It's not horrible, it just doesn't do anything to stand out, and the graphics are way below what I expected. The story could have been good, but it was just awkward. The ending was powerful, though, especially for someone like myself that comes from a military family...
Hufandpuf  +   1207d ago
It's Jim Sterling, what do you expect. The only FPS he likes is COD. Pretty apparent when his review of MW3 was 9/10 although it was a shit game. Then he gives BF3 a 7/10. I don't even care, I'm buying it and if I don't like it I'll return it.
BigStef71  +   1207d ago
Lmao someone called him out

Pingas- "Charmless, cynical, and uninspired, Warfighter encapsulates
everything wrong with the annual big budget shooter industry. It's
really not an awful game, it's just insipid and shallow, a title that
exists solely to exist, and squeeze whatever profit remains to be had
from serving the same flavorless porridge to the same unadventurous
customers. It will make its money, and keep the FPS factories in
business for another year."
From the man that gave MW3 a 9.5, people.

Jim Sterling-Loved MW3. Still do. You'll just have to deal with it. Or not.

Pingas -You can like every game you want (I don't care of either one of these two games). It still comes of as pretty hypocrite though.

Jim Sterling-No it doesn't. Not agreeing with you that one game is fun and one is mediocre is not hypocritical. It is having a different opinion about two different games.
wages of sin  +   1206d ago
Sterling is right in his response. The guy questioning him is being rather sophomoric is his usage of hypocrite.
MattyG  +   1207d ago
He gave Assassins Creed 2 a 4/10 and Deadly Premonition a 10/10. I tend to not trust his reviews.
aquamala  +   1207d ago
I'm surprised the game doesn't look that good, the footage that they showed in trailers must be from pc then
Zha1tan  +   1207d ago
Its EA, they show all their games on PC at expos now, infact its becoming commonplace for developers now, its a neat little marketing trick that fools the average viewer.
Kaneda  +   1207d ago
COD doesn't?
mafiahajeri  +   1207d ago
I played aliens colonial marines in an expo and I was talking to the exhibitor and being a console gamer I told him it looked to good to be on console it must be on pc some people were listening in and he seemed reluctant to answer me and then I asked if it would look this good on console and he said yeah pretty similliar... Yeah right...

@ above the difference between cod on pc and console is not that big so no they don't they dont need to. I played blops in the same expo it was on the 360...
#11.1.2 (Edited 1207d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
doogiebear  +   1207d ago
@ Kaneda: Cod is so lame, it looks like it could run on psp. Take away the 60fps and hd, and yeah, it pretty much looks like a ps2/psp game. So running cod on pc wont reveal many benefits (maybe some particle effects...assuming there are any, aside from smoke grenades, and gun fire)
BigStef71  +   1207d ago
Is the singleplayer good at least in this game?
tallkidoPL  +   1207d ago
If it was called cod it would have gotten 10/10 but its not
Kaneda  +   1207d ago
This why this game generation is all about 4 games.. COD, Halo, GoW, and UC.. It is not gamers that killed industry. Those so called themselve professional critics killed the game industry...
pandehz  +   1207d ago
I agree, we need some proper reviewers. Its very difficult to find unbiased reviews these days
IIC0mPLeXII  +   1207d ago
The Uncharted series as well as the Halo series at least delivers a story. Gears' story is paper thin and has a lackluster ending. Meanwhile CoD has no story at all.
Panthers  +   1207d ago
The first Modern Warfare had a great story. At least I thought so. It was very over the top and Hollywood, but also very fun and entertaining. I also enjoyed Black Ops story. Those are the only 2 CODs Ive played. I honestly do not like the gun play in those games, so I dont like the SP or MP, but I did enjoy the stories.
Hufandpuf  +   1207d ago
Gears 3 is a really fun game though. I didn't see it winning any GOTY awards, but for pure 3rd Person shooter fun with some mean competitive edge, it was a really good game.
nunley33  +   1206d ago
Uncharted has the best SP and story anywhere and is my go to title to get my online MP action. i've played halo and gears before and it was pretty good but not great, with halo having a good story.
lex-1020  +   1207d ago
No. It's really mostly the publishers who killed the industry. They raised the price of games, now the gamers have less money and can only buy fewer games. So to get their game to sell they bride the reviewers to give better reviews.
venom06  +   1207d ago
this is the same FOOL that gave MW3 a 9.5 PLEASE don't take anything he says seriously!!
bubblebeam  +   1206d ago
AND mario Kart 7 a 5/10 for being the same as the others.

Related image(s)
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TemplarDante  +   1207d ago
Buying when in bargain bin
100% for Single Player.
BF3 caters my MP needs.
steele12345  +   1207d ago
This game is a solid 7/10. If you are going to rate this game a 5/10 mw3 should have gotten a 4/10 because that game was horrible. Now call of duty comes out in a few weeks and it will get a 9/10 when in the last two releases it truly deserved to be in the low 6's.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1207d ago
Many mixed reviews I've seen. Some gave it an 8/10 and claiming its the best in the series where others are giving it a 5/10. I'm on the border about picking this up.
RememberThe357  +   1207d ago
I've had a great time so far. Obviously no one has had a lot of time with this game (including these "reviews") but it's been really fun so far.
Bumpmapping  +   1207d ago
5/10 Great job Jim another spot on review.
ajax17  +   1207d ago
Meh, I never much cared for Destructoid. I'm still going to wait for X-Play and GameTrailers to review it.
#20 (Edited 1207d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
RememberThe357  +   1207d ago
Thats strange because I've been having a great time with this game.
Yomaster  +   1207d ago
Funny how a game that puts a slightly different spin on the military FPS genre and gets bombarded by negative reviews.

Buddy teamplay? Class-based multiplayer? Support actions? Fight as a top tier operator for each nation? Loads of weapon customization? Not saying it's by far the MOST innovative, but there's plenty of new experiences in this game. Not to mention that this is basically the only tactical FPS being released this Fall. Not everyone wants to constantly play Halo every day, as good of a game it may be when its released. Don't even get me started on how much I WON'T be playing BlOps 2.

I'll admit that Warfighter has a few minor bugs here and there, and the UI is less than fluid, but the gameplay is rock solid. Heavy amounts of teamwork are necessary just to win a match, and lone-wolfing is impossible.

Funny how the annually rehashed CoD gets a 9.5, but Danger Close releases a sequel that's leaps and bounds ahead of the first MoH (which wasn't so bad), and gets slammed by reviewer fanboy jackasses.

Fuck Destructoid. They've lost all credibility in my eyes. Never visiting the site again.

As for my opinion on the game, it, AT THE VERY LEAST, deserves a 7.5, and that's rating it harshly. Team up with a buddy, and it's a crapload of good fun. Haven't regretted my purchase in the least.
#22 (Edited 1207d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Lbong  +   1207d ago
Game is really fun, I could give a F*** what Jim thinks
taquito  +   1207d ago
great game on pc at least, a solid 8 imo, mp is fun with a few friends, we all got it for $30 for being "premium" bf3 players, so at least that has paid me back a little, if i am honest, i would be a bit less forgiving of the game at $65

the mp is unique to me, its sits in a valley between bf3 and cod, it has its own flair, and the multitude of soldiers from around the globe to unlock is a nice touch!


have only played about 20 min of single palyer, military sp games bore the crap out of me, they are utterly foolish, having been in the real thing, it doesn't intrest me, if I have to play a fps single player I like the sci fi or fantasy shooters, halo, doom 3, half life, killzone, the first far cry, fear, wolfenstien, those sp campaigns are kinda cool

mp is where its at for a shooter

if I'm gonna play a game by myself, give me an rpg!
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kjsdfweif   1207d ago | Spam
Hicken  +   1207d ago
Doubt highly that the game is this bad. And anyone who continually scores CoD so high isn't somebody I'd trust for FPS reviews, at the least.
Gamer-Z  +   1207d ago
Yet Black Ops 2 will probably receive a 9 from this site. Seriously if your going to bash a game for being the same then at least be fair about it.
#27 (Edited 1207d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SOD_Delta  +   1207d ago
That's Black Ops 2 will most likely deserve a 9. MoH is truly is lackluster.
nolson10  +   1207d ago
except they gave it a 5 and said it lacked "creative integrity" now tell me how COD has creative integrity. Lets see if these journalists have any integrity when blops releases
SOD_Delta  +   1207d ago
Who do you think Danger Close is copying? MoH wishes it could be Call of Duty, but It never will.
nolson10  +   1206d ago
that wasnt my point. the point of the review is that the entire genre is stale and no one is innovating. Therefore they should also rip the COD series apart in their review as well. quit being a COD fanboy and go read the review and why the deducted points for the most part.
nolson10  +   1207d ago
Now watch them go and give black ops 2 anywhere from 8-10 even though its the same game ever year and they basically gave this game a 5 for lack of originality and tore it apart for having no "creative integrity". Mark my words.
L_S_4  +   1207d ago
after reading most of these comment, i think that i'll cancel my MOH pre-order :(
nolson10  +   1206d ago
It's actually a fun game. They need to fix the mics but other than that the homerun game mode is a blast. Reviewers are so biased. Like the guy below me said this game is better than the original moh reboot and they gave it a lower score than that one. Bet this site has no "journalistic integrity" and gives blops 2 a 9
SOD_Delta  +   1206d ago
@L_S_4 That would be a wise choice. Save your money for a game that will last more than five boring hours.
Pana  +   1207d ago
It's leagues better than the first MoH which averaged 75. The consistency amongst reviewers these days is laughable.
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