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Submitted by Ramon3MR 1204d ago | opinion piece

Silly Fanboys, Wii U is for Adults

GotGame: Nintendo is betting heavily on the Wii U’s asynchronous multiplayer, and this feature should be able increase the Wii U’s potential in terms of multiplayer gaming. The Wii U has the potential to provide a complex challenge to experienced gamers while simultaneously offering a simpler experience to newer gamers. The potential here is through the roof if Nintendo could capitalize on it. (Wii U)

Venox2008  +   1204d ago
Wii U is for everyone
Abash  +   1204d ago
Every game console is for everyone really.
darthv72  +   1203d ago
for comparitives sake
use this formula:
Wii is to NES as Wii-u is to SNES.

That should sum things up pretty straight forward.
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AfricanGamer9ja  +   1204d ago
No is for kids,grand parents and girls. Casual gamers,sub-par HD graphics only a few mature games PS360 FTW.
mi_titan27  +   1204d ago
Really sub par HD graphics, have you played the Wii U, so you know they are sub par?
stragomccloud  +   1204d ago
You guys, I think he's joking. No one can really be so stupid or foolish to actually swallow that.
mdkgod43  +   1203d ago
Wii u is for kids, thats why im getting my lil bro it at launch hopfully toys r us will have extra that day
Wigriff  +   1203d ago
Agreed. Also: Awesome avatar. Also: I'm afraid it might eat me.

Your comment should have read: "Wii U is for everyone... or my avatar will eat you."

Addendum: I know that metroids don't technically "eat."
Venox2008  +   1203d ago
metroids don't eat nintendo consoles and handhelds :D
chadboban  +   1204d ago
If it has the games that you want, then it's for you. No matter what your age may be.
Anon1974  +   1204d ago
^^ This.
Venox2008  +   1203d ago
BlackWolf  +   1203d ago
Agreed, man.
HappyCamper172  +   1203d ago
wynams  +   1204d ago
but ... but ... adults use voice chat
ninjabake  +   1203d ago
So do children.
SneeringImperialist  +   1204d ago
Silly "Journalists", Basic Intelligence not for you!
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Pillsbury1  +   1204d ago
Rated M for Mature.
ctorretta  +   1204d ago
Always funny watching fanboys try to spin terrible news as a 'feature'.

I'm not above it, I remember trying to convince people that the Sixaxis was actually super nice because of how light it was. Siiiigh...

Saying the Wii U's multiplayer and online plans are anything except atrocious is hilarious though. Some people can justify anything.
Neonridr  +   1203d ago
wow, you've been privy to Nintendo's online plans? You must be some big industry insider, considering nobody else around here knows anything about what Nintendo plans to do. So criticizing something you know NOTHING about just makes you look like a fool.
ctorretta  +   1203d ago
Huh we don't know their plans?

Well lets see, they've told us at E3 they're using a version of their much hated friends codes still and EA has confirmed this with their Origins ToS update earlier this week.

Now we have confirmation that their online voice chat is piecemeal and supported only by third parties.

Also, IIRC they've mentioned their achievements won't track across games, so they won't have a unified scoring system.


So yes, in terms of actual online multiplayer -- we do know quite a bit. You just have to look up and read an actual article instead of WHRGARBLING in the comments section.

Nothing concrete like an actual Nintendo announcement, but the fact that we're a month away and they still haven't said anything is a good indication that it is going to be underwhelming.
ctorretta  +   1203d ago
Not to mention they've announced MiiVerse, Wii U eShop plans, and Nintendo TVii.

But yes, we know nothing about their online plans. Clearly.
Neonridr  +   1203d ago
So how does the Miiverse work then ctoretta? Or the eShop? I have heard nothing but great things from all the indie developers on the direction Nintendo is taking with it. Yes we know what features may or may not be there but we don't know specifically how anything works or what it looks like. So why don't we reserve judgement until we actually see the Nintendo Network in action.
Nevers0ft  +   1203d ago
You seem really well informed... Can you explain to the rest of us what the Wii U's multiplayer and online plans are?

Rated S for Sarcasm.
ctorretta  +   1203d ago
See my above response. If you want to read all the other things we know about their plans, check out the info here:

" After experiencing the completely bare bones online gameplay offerings on the Wii, it's hard to just take it on faith that Nintendo has finally learned how to create a fully integrated, easy-to-use online gameplay network that will work seamlessly on its new system. That's not to say that they haven't done that, but without some sort of direct demonstration, or at least a more detailed explanation of how it will work, it's not fair to ask us to assume things are humming along just fine behind the scenes (and, again, Harada's quote gives some reason to doubt that in the first place)"

We don't know everything, but we know a lot -- and its enough to worry people in the industry.

But thanks for the helpful reply!

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HappyCamper172  +   1203d ago
@ctorretta U know that origin is included in ps3 and xbox360 dont you???
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linkratos  +   1203d ago
I don't think it's possible to say their plans for online are atrocious when they haven't revealed them yet. I somewhat share your sentiment though in that we really should know more about it at this point.

You're coming off a little fanboyish.
cyberninja  +   1204d ago
Gaming journalism is a joke.
dee-ecks  +   1204d ago
no it's not, it's for kids and babys. why else would they call it "wii u" and give it baby blue game cases?
Getowned   1203d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
CalvinKlein  +   1203d ago
yeah, ps3 has more hardcore clear cases.
Getowned   1203d ago | Off topic | show
MasterCratosKong66  +   1203d ago
more irrelevant comments please
wiiulee  +   1204d ago
lol..exactly wiiu is for everyone...but its definetly for those that has been into games and into technology with tvii and miiverse
prototypeknuckles  +   1204d ago
Silly article trix are for kids
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josephayal  +   1203d ago
The WII U is for Gamers.. Duh
the Wii U will become the best console ever made once it hits the market. It's aimed right at the hardcore
dee-ecks  +   1203d ago
Yes, the hardcore crowd that likes baby blue colored stuff and speaks in baby tongue.
ninjabake  +   1203d ago
Its a game system dude. You use it to play videogames. Complaining about the case color and name is reaching. The Wii U will have a diverse lineup of games and people just may enjoy playing games on the system. Why hate on it?
herbs  +   1203d ago
dee-ecks you sir are a loser... Judging a console on a color they use for the game boxes is such a valid argument lol. People who think wii u is only for kids need to grow up its that simple.
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Nutsack  +   1203d ago
Question is:

how much will that 2nd tablet controller cost one?

150 bucks?
darthv72  +   1203d ago
nintendo works it so that you could use either a dsi or 3ds as a controller for basic stuff.

obviously you cant use it as a screen alternative but for direct input, both the dsi and 3ds are capable of wifi direct connect to the wii.

Wii-u should be no different.
vork77  +   1203d ago
its only for adults if you buy adult games but nintendo is a family system
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wiiulee  +   1203d ago
@ vork77...what are you a 13 year old sony or microsoft fanboys......nintendo is a family game? make some sense next time....nintendo make games for everyone because that's the purpose of entertainment that's why microsoft and sony are trying so hard to create family games....what you should say if you wanted to hate was that nintendo make family consoles...but then again you are part of a family so i dont see where the hate comes from
DivineAssault  +   1203d ago
we will see what the majority of its titles are by the time E3 rolls around.. I think its well balanced at the moment.. Hopefully less ports get announced & simultaneous core games are released.. Until then, nintendo is nintendo.. If theres nothing but just dance & karaoke games coming to it for the next yr, i doubt things will be any different than in the past.. If nintendo wants to lose its kiddy "toy training console" reputation, they need to release more 3rd party software.. As things stand, its neutral because it has kiddy games, casual games, & core games...
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1upgamer99  +   1203d ago
LOL really? Sub-Par. Games from most ports will be running at 60fps and in true HD (not upscaled) So gearbox differs with you. Sure Mario games have the kiddie look, but far from sub par. Also games like Zombi U, Bayonetta2, really? Sub-par? You have no ground to stand on till Nextbox comes out in a year. Black Ops is better on Wii U with the Gamepad, 2 players same room two screens. http://www.computerandvideo...
Plus all of the games that have been announced native 1080p such as Zombi for you to say sub-par is just unfounded. The Wii Yes. Wii U no. The power of the Wii U has not even been truly utilized yet, so the Wii U has not been maxed out yet, as the 360/PS3 have so there will be better looking games to come on Wii U. Sure Nextbox is going to have more power, but I don't see how games are going to look THAT much more incredible than the Wii U's will. Simply put, there will not be a Wii compared to PS3 difference graphically.

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