Silly Fanboys, Wii U is for Adults

GotGame: Nintendo is betting heavily on the Wii U’s asynchronous multiplayer, and this feature should be able increase the Wii U’s potential in terms of multiplayer gaming. The Wii U has the potential to provide a complex challenge to experienced gamers while simultaneously offering a simpler experience to newer gamers. The potential here is through the roof if Nintendo could capitalize on it.

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Abash1763d ago

Every game console is for everyone really.

darthv721763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

use this formula:
Wii is to NES as Wii-u is to SNES.

That should sum things up pretty straight forward.

AfricanGamer9ja1763d ago

No is for kids,grand parents and girls. Casual gamers,sub-par HD graphics only a few mature games PS360 FTW.

mi_titan271763d ago

Really sub par HD graphics, have you played the Wii U, so you know they are sub par?

stragomccloud1763d ago

You guys, I think he's joking. No one can really be so stupid or foolish to actually swallow that.

mdkgod431763d ago

Wii u is for kids, thats why im getting my lil bro it at launch hopfully toys r us will have extra that day

Wigriff1763d ago

Agreed. Also: Awesome avatar. Also: I'm afraid it might eat me.

Your comment should have read: "Wii U is for everyone... or my avatar will eat you."

Addendum: I know that metroids don't technically "eat."

Venox20081763d ago

metroids don't eat nintendo consoles and handhelds :D

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wynams1763d ago

but ... but ... adults use voice chat

SneeringImperialist1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Silly "Journalists", Basic Intelligence not for you!