Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 feature patch heads to Microsoft for Certification

The new feature patch fourzerotwo talked about last week (with new Kill Cams, Host Migration, and other new features) for the Xbox 360 has finished it's internal testing and development and has officially been sent off to Microsoft for Certification. It's only a matter of Microsoft putting it through the certification paces and it will be available for download for all Xbox 360 players.

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MakgSnake3596d ago

I am so happy for this patch. The best bit.... Spectating your friends in FIRST PERSON MODE... in Search and Destroy mode or Headquaters...


Vip3r3596d ago

I take it the US PS3 version will arrive in a few months followed by the EU PS3 version a year after.


Superiorrior3595d ago

Yeah, while CoD4 sold numerous amounts of copies in the millions on the Xbox360, they seem to forget it sold equally as well on the PS3, and yet we're in more of a dire need of a patch then Xbox users, the lag and and inconsistent bullet registry is more than frustrating, it is unplayable at times.

So I'd have to agree, we'll have to wait a few months for them to update us to current speed, I mean look at the hex editing samples from these past few weeks alone, they issued a statement and then a warning about hex editing files, and promptly assured us we'd see a fix, well, we're still waiting.

S1D3 EFFEC73595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

CoD4 for 360 is nearing the 4.5 million mark, the PS3 version has yet to break into the 3 million mark. Equal sales? I don't think so.

*waits for some fanboy to disagree with FACTS*

Dashmoney1013596d ago

i hope they did something about how ridiculous accurate the P90 is. I get shot from across the board with that thing all the time.

sticky doja3596d ago

That might have been me shooting you. That is probably my favorite gun. While its not that powerfull it can spit out bullets like crazy and is pretty accurate even at distances when shot slowly.

bozobucketeer3596d ago

I'm skeptical about the 360 view of people while you're dead. When I play, I'm always in private chat with a friend and that can really give advantages to players. I know my friend and I will now have eyes in the back of our heads if the other one dies.

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The story is too old to be commented.