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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review: Playtime is Over | IRB GAMER

IRB Gamer:"It’s been two years since EA has released Medal of Honor, delivering – in my opinion – one of the most realistic and entertaining stories from ANY recent first person shooter. Including popular games like Battlefield, Call of Duty or even 2K’s Spec Ops: The Line. Now that’s not to say the stories in those games didn’t do themselves justice. It is just that realism of MOH cannot be compared" (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 4/5

Kaneda  +   914d ago
Noone is commenting on a good score?
Detoxx  +   914d ago
Yup, all the comments are on the low reviews.

Trolls wanna troll
Ju  +   914d ago
How could they? I mean, a) they would have to read the review, and b) they would actually need to play the game to proof the review wrong.

It's just much easier if someone says "this sucks" and you simple agree without the need to reason why. But if it's good, just saying "it ain't so" won't work. LOL

Oh, BTW. Audio...never heard anybody mention that before. The only game coming close to that is actually "Black". The same "Boom". Me likes.

One thing to the reviewer...Amo pickups are possible. It's just you need the same type of Amo as far as I can tell. So, with your standard rifle that won't work with salvaged guns. I guess...there are levels where this is possible.
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R6ex  +   914d ago

Someone who appreciates a good game with an authentic SP campaign.

Can't wait!

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