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S&S Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor Warfighter is a great game, and although it struggles to find its own identity, its still a terrific FPS. (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8.75/10

berndogskate  +   728d ago
Sounds good look forward to my copy tomorrow )
StanLee  +   728d ago
Where are all the reviews for this game?! Seriously, the game was released yesterday? We've had reviews for Forza Horizon for a week now.
Garethvk  +   728d ago
It is buggy as hell on PC. Multiplayer crashes and freezes up all the time.
seanpitt23  +   728d ago
Well I hope mine comes tomorrow but game.co.uk hasn't even shipped it yet so looks like mine will be coming Friday but I still have faith in this game.
SilentNegotiator  +   728d ago
This is the only good review, because it is the only one I choose to acknowledge!

Day 1 buy, guis!

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