Lost Odyssey: Discs Get Crammed Into One Case

Gamers have been somewhat shocked at the packaging solution for the 4 disc game Lost Odyssey. For the American version of the game, discs 1 to 3 are stacked, while disc 4 is in a paper envelope inside the case. In comparison, the Asian version of the game has a much more professional solution with the discs stored in a fatter flip book style case.

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Syko3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Wow what else can you say...? This is cheap BS. I am getting this game today but at least the shock of the $hit packaging wont be a surprise now. Not only does the Asia packaging look better but I also prefer the white discs.

Guess I will just go out and buy a multi-case for myself.

pharmd3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

no fanboyism intended but bluray could have solved that all.... lets evolve a litte

edit: whats with the disagrees? how is that wrong? im solutions oriented, i was just tryin ta help

Syko3686d ago

Not to rain on your spotlight stealing comment but, Comment #6 by avacadosnorkel already said that. Plus This has little to do with Blu-Ray for me and more about the cheap ass packaging. I like Blu-Ray...This game is on the 360. I don't really see a need to compare the two.

pharmd3686d ago

I was just reading some things about microsoft looking at bluray and was surprised to see they havent made that choice yet, thats all. even if they would have went with a mandatory hd dvd drive they would be able to get around this much better.

and i apologize if i stole someone else's post, i failed to read down that far

on a bright note, the commercials for this look sweet and the jefferson airplane song is a nice touch for the ad campaign

actas1233686d ago

@ Pharm,
What are u apologizing for man! After all, most comments are very similar anyways. If people wanna start apologizing for each other half the comments on this site and others will be apologies.

Enigma_20993686d ago

... and you're shocked that people disagreed with you?

Buddy, you were asking for it the minute you mentioned it.

That being said, lemme get this straight... the import version has been properly packaged, and the American version has been half @ssed? Come on... you can pump millions of dollars into an ad campaign, how bout buying some decent CD cases for these games!!!!

dragonJP3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

...but how can MS expect to have future Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid games come to Xbox 360 with its DVD-9 storage limitations?

uxo223686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

He apologized because he felt like it. Perhaps because he was trying to be civil about the whole thing. Why would it actually concern you that he apologized. Your asking him that seem kinda strange to me.

People say excuse me when the burp, mainly as a courtesy to others. Perhaps they shouldn't because everyone else burps also.

Edit: Syko, it would be interesting to know how yours is packaged. Perhaps this is just more bloggers BS!

Seraphim3686d ago

this isn't really surprising at all... Blue Dragon had all 3 discs stacked as well. Seems MS simply doesn't want to package games properly. Blue Dragon, Halo 3, Halo 2, and the list probably goes on. So this is really no surprise at all to me. It's really what I expected. But it's certainly a shame they don't do something as simple as the flip case which has been used even w/ PS2 games that were on multiple discs or had bonuses included; like Onimusha Dawn of Dreams, Zone of Enders w/ the MGS Demo... It's the simple things that life that make all the difference sometimes. Just like how it's the simple things with XBL that still makes it better than PSN; simple features, and achievements...

As for Blu Ray. Invalid point. For one if MS used Blu Ray in their 360 they wouldn't have had a year jump on the competition. And that's even assuming they could have secured the rights to include Blu Ray in their 360 from Sony... Secondly, when and if MS does decide to it'll do nothing more than to offer a Blu Ray player available to 360 owners for movies. Just like how the HD-DVD drive works. It will not influence or help games at all. So to me it's really an invalid point that Blu Ray could have solved this issue. And considering I already own a PS3 and a 360 an addition Blu Ray player would just be redundant... If MS waits to long though it would be useless for them to release an add on because stand alone players will be the same price or close to and I'm sure most would prefer a stand alone player than some add on...

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krackchap3686d ago

i have the pal version and it has slots for each of the 4cd's , dunno why they did that for the us release

romemac73686d ago

wow!!! this would had never happend on the PS3 and its so call not needing BIu-ray, but on the 360 this game Looks no better then a PS2 game which is just sad. hell even FF10 was just one disk LOL on the PS2, had this game been on PS3 it would be ture stunning 4D 1080p 60FPS graphics. all this do is redefine my believe that Blu~ray is ture next~gen and not DvD9.

spandexxking3686d ago

i would be royally cheesed if i was buying LO. that makes losing a disc just that much easier. was it really to much trouble to get the asian packaging

dale13686d ago

four discs is this a game or a pack of cards

HardcoreGamer3686d ago

that was funny man serious, dont let them stop your humour. im gettin this game tho

xhi43686d ago

I was joking when I said at least I don't need multiple discs on the ps3.......crap now u actually need multiple discs on the 360........damnn

PS360WII3686d ago

Wow that's awful for shame on them for not wasting more plastics. No worries for me seeing that I put them in a CD case after getting the game.

kewlkat0073686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

with your Cases?

hmm I'm suppose to get this game today..

"Looks over to Final Fantasy VII packaging" and ..sheesh things have changed..cutting corners, I see.

I'm more interested in the Game then the packaging though unless the Cds are scratched and sh^t.

-so "Japan" gets the better treatment this time around.. I could live with that.

PS360WII3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Yeah the packaging for FF VII and after had hardcore CD cases that had much protection. Umm I put the cases on some shelves in my basement. Having them in CD cases makes it have easier access, easier to sort and find, along with a nice protection for them as well. I'm so naive I thought a lot more people would put games in CD cases.. it just makes sense to me.