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Probably the best Move game around. Which isn't saying much unfortunately.

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Cam9772041d ago

I enjoyed the original one so will probably pick this up.

abzdine2041d ago

and it is very cheap !!

newn4gguy2041d ago

I can't wait for this! I loved the first this one has 3D support!

Army_of_Darkness2041d ago

Actually it's saying a lot cause house of the dead overkill, killzone 3, the fight and the original sports champ are awesome move games. I need more compatible move games dammit!!

abzdine2041d ago

Great device, but too bad third party dnt seem interested and i dont understand why really..
I'm looking forward to Bioshock: Infinite with move support.

I dont know if you played Start the Party 1 but it's a great game and works surprisingly well !! The Fight is also a super boxing simulation, but the calibration needs some time to be correctly understood, i think it's the game's weakpoint and not a serious sales argument since you cannot just try it in a shop it depends on everyone's body "size".

BitbyDeath2041d ago

After SC2, my next one will be Until Dawn.
Can't wait