Game Review Averages: PS3 Beats Xbox 360 and Wii

Next-Gen's Matt Matthews, perhaps the internet's #1 fan of game-related, coloured graphs, has dug through GameRanking's average review scores and discovered something a lot of you could probably have guessed anyways: when you add up all the Wii reviews and average them out, they're a little...awful.

How awful? See above. While every console of the past eight years (sorry Dreamcast) have seen their games average around 69-71%, the average Wii score is only 64%. Which leads to much hypothesizing in the piece about reviewers not "understanding" the Wii, theories on the impact of shovelware and how the Wii is short on AAA titles (Madden 07, for example, is still in the top 10-ranked games for the platform).

The full article has a lot more graphs and charts than just that one, so head on over if you'd like to see/read more.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3689d ago

your year has been phenomenal so far.

FTMFW all 2008 and b3yond

Kaz Hirai3689d ago

2008 shall be the most glorious year in PerfectionStation history! You all have King Kaz's guarantee!


The Killer3689d ago

there is no point in resisting ps3 same as blue ray and HD DVD!

sak5003689d ago

Yeah, keep shouting piss3 piss3 maybe it will one day become king of last gen in 2010.

The XBOT3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Quick Stats from gamerankings

games between 70% and 80 are 196 (2.5 times more that the PS3)
Total games betweeb 80% and 90% are 74 (Double the PS3s)
Total games above 90% are 11 (3.6 times more that the PS3)

games above 90 are 3
game between 80 and 90 are 37
games betweeb 70% and 80 are 78

Any Questions?

BrianC62343688d ago

What was that drivel about The Xbot? It makes no sense. And the PS3 is all about quality over quantity. It doesn't have as many games as the 360 yet but it has a lot of great classics already. It doesn't get all the shovelware like the Wii and 360.

FamilyGuy3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Well, im a PS3 supporter but i will have to shed some light on this.

The actual reason why the PS3s average is higher is NOT because it has less games or because it has been out for less time. It IS actually because the PS3 is more expensive to develop for, thus less "shovel ware".

We don't get tons of shovel ware like the wii because it would be a HUGE waste of a developers money, money that they would not turn a profit on. Even our "crap/shovel ware games actually TRY to be good games (Beowulf, they tried harder so it made it to the PS3). All the ones that dont try to be good games get made for the PS2 instead.

Im talking about movie game mostly. They're made to make a quick buck and are made on all platforms but usually made for the PS2 instead of the PS3 (even though they do come to the 360) because a PS3 version would make them MUCH less money if any at all.

So that's what i think is the main reason for the 360s lower score, i think they might be closer/even if the not for this. BUT! on the other hand, the PS3s score would be much higher than it is now if it weren't for a ton of... questionably low scores that good games received.

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MK_Red3689d ago

And Wii is the best selling system. It's kinda funny how the lower review average is, the higher that console's sales are.

It's time for Nintendo to stop allowing crap like Ninjabread Mand and Jenga on Wii.

Relcom3689d ago

Reviews of 0 i have ever seen for a game. I would say there is 1 decent title for every 10 on the Wii. That has to change for me to buy one.

Skerj3689d ago

They used to be known for harsh QC measures which is one of the things that drew developers to Sony's arena during the PS1 era. Looks like they need to put some of those back in place, because a lot of companies are seeing dollar signs over taking the time out to make a decent game. That relationship for the most part is symbiotic. There are a ton of things we can see from the system, they just have to get over this quick cash in phase for it to happen.

MK_Red3689d ago

Relcom, definitly agreed. And the sad thing is that one good game among 10 is the least selling one :(

Superb point Skerj. Nintendo should find a balance in their QC instead of being so open like now or so restrict like SNES days. They don't need to be as harsh as 80s and 90s but allowing every kind of crap on Wii isn't the solution either.
Still, I don't think they'll change current policy because their system is selling like hot cakes and Nintendo's own games are owning the charts.

RealityCheck3689d ago

It's really not surprising. Many people are just not seeing the real cause and effect relation.

The systems that sell the most attract game developers that want to make a quick buck with the least efforts. Those games are always rushed and poorly made. Hence lowering the score average for the system.

A better measure would be to weight the score average in proportion to how many units each game sold. That way, these poorly made titles would not bring the console scoring average as much.

MK_Red3689d ago

RealityCheck, sure, the systems that sell more attract more devs and more crappy games but here, the best selling console PS2 has a much higher average than Wii even though the console has had a huge number of crappy titles while Wii has just entered it's second year.

It is common for best selling consoles to get a lot of crappy games but Wii has gone beyond that and as Relcom said, there is 1 good game for every 10 crappy ones. At least on PS2, it was like 4 or 5 good ones for every crappy game.

JsonHenry3689d ago

Does this take into account the total number of titles as a percentage, it just the total number period?

It would be easy for the PS3 to out do the other two consoles since there are less games available for the PS3 if they only did it by total.

But if they did it by percentage then it would probably make a big difference.

spandexxking3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

prime example of quality over quantity if you ask me

RealityCheck3689d ago

I agree MK_Red that the Wii has a higher number of poorly made games in relation to good ones.

I still contend however that the cause is because that system is so hyped and sold so much so quickly that it attracted even more greedy developers or maybe I should say publishers. It's really a typical bandwagon scenario.

It's like when online trading started, .com companies started, online auctions started, or like when fiber optics and wireless became popular. In each case, investors and VCs were coming out of nowhere and throwing money to anyone that could bring a semblance of a product quickly to market that they could hype and sell; with no regard to quality and long-term view.

power of Green 3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Comparing the Wii and PS3 is fine but the 360 has too many games and way better 3rd party support to be compared with the PS3 and Wii.

Meaning having good 3rd party support will produce more lemons. Same thing if there was a study or report on how many good games *only* charts were posted people would say the 360 has been out longer hence the "more games" issue we end up with again.

Not sure what 1.7 is trying to say. both PS3 and 360 have crap games.

antoinetm3688d ago

Weak developpers seems to avoid the PS3 because its different from the 360/PC platform.

That doesnt mean that the 360 has less good game, but only that it has more crappy games.

They should have broken it by quantiles.


i didnt read article but i just want to put my 2 cents in it , people have been coming on this board saying that nintendo wii is targeted for kids , young mens , so do you think that a 10 year old cares what the score is or do you think devs care if they can score on some gimmick and sell a million to to a kids all over the world .....A mother will look and say thats a cute game i can get for my son or daughter , regardless of what the review was...Im pretty sure everybody in here knows a little or 2 about the gaming industry but theres also millions that dont...that why crappy games get sequel....

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Joey Gladstone3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

for most of 07' there has been much speculation as to the PS3's ability to really deliver, but it appears as though 08' is off to a great start with no real foreseeable slowdown ahead as it has yet to drop its Big Name Titles (MGS4, KZ, etc).....

Great Point MK_Red the Wii still reamins a mystery to me as to how they can allow companies to release such sub par quality games for their console.....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

mighty_douche3689d ago

I think the article speaks for itself... not need for fanboy bragging!

XBOX 3603689d ago


leon763689d ago