Games That Need To Stop: God Of War

Vgamerz writes: "God Of War has plenty of history to show why it’s still successful today. The formula works, the graphics are great, the gameplay is addicting and fun, and the games are excessively violent. But with God Of War: Ascension set to launch soon, one has to wonder, how far is this series going to go? Wasn’t God Of War supposed to be wrapped up with the third installment?"

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chukamachine2038d ago

Wasn't halo supposed to finish the fight. But hey the fight goes on.

Games will go on and on for as long as people will buy them.

I actually want a new heavenly sword 2 for PS4.

If you want to look at milking. Just look at mario. The fat little guy will never stop saving the princess

MariaHelFutura2038d ago

1. I want Ready at Dawn to make Heavenly Sword 2 for the PS4. I think they would do a great job.

2. God Of War must go on.... no game has ever matched the epicness God Of War achieves w/ sound and design.

PinkFunk2038d ago

Indeed it must go on. Especially after having built one of the most insane engines! I've watched the Ascension videos, and I must say it looks like it will be an intense experience.

I want to see Sony Santa Monica studios pushing the hell out of this engine and creating worlds as intricate and detailed as they're known for. Aaaaand the cinematic nature of GOWIII just wow'd me, and i'm excited to see how they push that. Oh, and the moving levels, the titans and the massive creatures...

...yeah there's plenty more to be done.

MWH2038d ago

Maria my dear, you're delusional.

morganfell2038d ago

Really? Again?

The same rules apply:

Things That Need To Stop: Ridiculous Articles Getting Approved On N4G (add repetitious articles to the list)

Things That Need To Stop: Adolescent Websites Only Capable Of Hit Pieces Or Moronic "5 Best/Worst" Lists

Things That Need To Stop: People With Internet Access That Believe Their Opinion Should Determine What Games You Should Or Should Not Play

Things That Need To Stop: Failed Attempts At Journalism

Things That Need To Stop: Articles Written By People Too Gutless To Use Their Real Name

Things That Need To Stop: Moronic Attacks On Titles Which Are Obviously Loved By Gamers

Things That Need To Stop:

Blankman852038d ago

I'm pretty sure there's a similar article for halo so I don't understand why you felt the need to bring it up.
Anyway, I just unlocked the "i didn't but i wish i did" trophy on God of War 3. . .I so wish I did ;D
If they can continue making GoW games this good, then I hope they never stop making them.

StrawHatPatriot2038d ago

Well Mario is different since they don't really have much sequels, there just trying to appeal to the younger gamer who IS a hardcore gamer and wants a bit of a challenge in their games.

Xof2038d ago

I think God of War has a lot of potential as a franchise... but I think they've long-since exhausted the narrative potential of Kratos.

That guy doing the voice acting? He's great. Keep him. Just have him voice some other hero ripping holes in some other pantheon.

Or take a cue from Age of Mythology and have Kratos move on to take out the Norse gods, the Egyptian gods, etc.

Godmars2902038d ago

There needs to be at least one more game to explain how the world gets fixed after GOW3.

Or they could do another trilogy with someone replacing Kratos.

stonecold32038d ago

halo mario asc gears need for speed wwe games thats what im talking about they get released every year?

Blankman852038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Yeah I'm pretty sure gears releases after 2 years, 3 sometimes. Ratchet and Clank on the other hand. . .yikes.
And if you're gonna count wwe then might as well add in fifa, mlb the show and all the other yearly sports games.
On topic, they do need to give Kratos a break though, I mean jees a guy can only stay mad for so long.

Hicken2038d ago

Just curious, but why the need to bring up R&C? Is it because he brought up Halo and Gears? Were you bothered because he put a 360 game in there? I've noticed you seem to prefer it quite heavily over the PS3; if so, it's no surprise that you'd "retaliate" by countering with a Sony-only franchise?

And yeah, he mentioned WWE. So? Did he need to mention every single sports game? Did he need to mention EVERY game that gets a new iteration every year (or two, in the case of Gears) in order to mention WWE?

GoW games come out about as frequently as Gears games, and Forza games, and Uncharted games, and other franchises, too. Mario has multiple releases per year, too. Maybe some of these need to take a break, maybe none of them do.

I just think it's funny- or maybe "sad" is a better word to use- that you responded in a retaliatory manner.

ShaunCameron2038d ago

Umm. Halo, Super Mario and Gears OF War don't come out every year.

raytraceme2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

halo comes out every year. 3, reach, odst, wars, anniversary.

Mario and Gears oth come out every 2 or more years.

Also god of war had 3 games in 5 years. 4 games in 8 years. That's really not milking it.

jakmckratos2038d ago

also there were 2 fucking mario games this year.

BitbyDeath2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Actually there's been 34 Mario titles on the Wii alone.

34 in 6 years makes it approximately 5-6 Mario games a year.... scary

Ares84HU2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

It doesn't need to stop.....just change.

The way I would go on with God of War is after GoW III Kratos would be the main villain and there would be another hero who would fix what Kratos did in GoWIII. They could easily make that happen...making Kratos a God...a one and only God who controls it all and and creates a Godly army the hero can fight against.

DatNJDom812038d ago


So the hero would be Satan? YOU SATANIST!!! JK.

I think that there's plenty more for Kratos to do in the story. I personally want to see what happened to him after GOWIII. A new hero in the GOW universe is inevitable. When you beat GOW, you get a video where they have a new hero arise.

Why should we believe the video? Well there is also a video of his brother, which ended up being Deimos. The slaughter of his mother after she confesses Zeus is his father. All these videos eventually came true except the new hero one.

Eventually there will be a new hero, but I think they should give Kratos full closure. My personal opinion of course.

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