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Games That Need To Stop: Halo

Vgamerz writes: "Halo just doesn’t want to stop. The original developers, Bungie, called it quits after Reach, which was not only marketed as the game that brings the series full circle, but the last, as well. Well, Microsoft didn’t like that very much, so now, new Halo trilogy incoming. 4, 5, and 6, plus I’m sure we’l either see a new Halo Wars or an ODST-style game as well. So why doesn’t Halo just die?" (Halo, Halo 4, Xbox 360)

LX-General-Kaos  +   983d ago | Well said
Halo will hopefully continue on forever.

To this day I have yet to see a shooter that has come close to Halo as far as single player, features, and story. The most feature enriched shooter I have seen on console. The same game that successfully advanced online and home console death matches. Pretty much paving the way for Microsoft to land a seat in the gaming industry. Sometimes I feel that some games are put down due to them being popular and successful. There are many other inferior less successful experiences in the gaming realm that should be vaporized before a franchise like Halo. Not one of the Icons of the industry.

Halowars was the single most successful and properly made RTS titles on home consoles today. I play it every weekend and there is still a respectable population. Even 3 years later. Not many non first person shooters can make a claim like that. Each Halo title released so far, may it be spin off or a main title has been of AAA quality and high praise. Setting new trends and pushing new boundaries with each release.

Halo 4 will release to the consumer very soon. The sales, and play time of that title will show nay sayers why the Halo franchise deserves to live.

Rated E For Everyone
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tigertron  +   983d ago
You know man, for once I agree with you.

Halo 4 will hopefully shut the nay sayers up.

Just under two weeks left! :D
LX-General-Kaos  +   983d ago
I am glad that you understand a great game when presented to you.
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morganfell  +   983d ago
Things That Need To Stop: Ridiculous Articles Getting Approved On N4G

Things That Need To Stop: Adolescent Websites Only Capable Of Hit Pieces Or Moronic "5 Best/Worst" Lists

Things That Need To Stop: People With Internet Access That Believe Their Opinion Should Determine What Games You Should Or Should Not Play

Things That Need To Stop: Failed Attempts At Journalism

Things That Need To Stop: Articles Written By People Too Gutless To Use Their Real Name

Things That Need To Stop: Moronic Attacks On Titles Which Are Obviously Loved By Gamers

Things That Need To Stop: Vgamerz.com
MikeMyers  +   983d ago
The only way Halo will stop, or any other long lasting franchise, is if people stop buying it. Halo is just too big to ignore, it's really that simple. The good thing is the quality hasn't really suffered all that much.

I'd like the series to take a bit of a break. I'd also like Microsoft invest in other franchises, new ones, and give them lots of marketing and a large budget. They can always go back to Halo later on and it would still sell. That won't happen mind you as they have an entire studio that is solely dedicated to the franchise. If Sony Music only had Michael Jackson as their main catalog of music they wouldn't do very well. So if you want a long term relationship with your gaming fans you need to reassure them that you're serious about investing in exclusive franchises.

Halo 4 does look excellent but I'd like to see many more games that also look excellent coming down the pipeline.
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lordz95  +   982d ago
I have played halo 4 mp and it is great and also played and seen the first campaign mission do not worry they have done a good job
RedSoakedSponge  +   983d ago
you know that halo isnt a nintendo game right? :P
Muffins1223  +   983d ago
that made me laugh
MacDonagh  +   983d ago
Interestingly enough, 343 studios have hired people from Retro Studios who are most notable for making the Metroid Prime series. The Haloverse is also incredibly interesting; especially when the books explored how the Spartan program came about and the implications that went along with it. I hope the next Halo games explore those areas a little more.
RedSoakedSponge  +   982d ago

i try my best haha XD
Eyeco  +   983d ago
I'm not the biggest fan, but having played all of them I can see why people like the franchise, no other FPS on consoles offer such robust community features, the amount of content you get in the games is staggering, no wonder why it has such a dedicated fanbase, and besides Millions of people around the world buy these games they get get great reviews, when the quality and sales start to degrade maybe then it should die, but as of now who cares.
blue_cheese  +   983d ago
who cares if some ip's last forever, thats usually because the developers created a universe that fans don't want to leave. for example im a star wars fan, always will be idc how many things they do in the universe i always want more. and in gaming places like the metroid, zelda, mario, halo, sonic, etc universes always have more to offer to fans.
rbailey  +   983d ago
Halo is Microsoft's flagship first-person shooter franchise and it's obviously not going anywhere. Hardcore fans of the series will buy whatever Halo game is thrown at them( for example Halo 3: ODST)... Unless Microsoft just decides to stop making Xboxes, you'll never see this franchise die.
CynicalKelly  +   983d ago
Halo 3: ODST was a bad example. A lot of people hold it in high esteem, many consider it one of the best.

Frankly, every game they make has blown me away excluding Reach. As long as the people buying the game numbers over ten million. The franchise will continue to grow.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   983d ago
Reach was one of my favorite Halo games. Same Halo goodness with no Flood. Sure it was a prequel and those always have some drawbacks but otherwise I don't see why people had a problem with that game. To each their own however. Here is hoping the new developers can live up to Bungie.
CynicalKelly  +   983d ago

Reach had such high potential and while not being a bad game (I still loved it) it was the only one I over hyped for myself. I was looking forward to seeing the birth of the spartan IIs, to find out what happened to them all, I wanted to see a huge ground and space battle take place.

They had better technology but nothing spectacular happened. Taking down a Scarab in 3 was epic. In reach, not much happened really. The space battle was pitiful.

I am sure they can. They already sold themselves as a company to me when they began working on Character development more and referenced the books.
Blankman85  +   983d ago
Halo 4 Life people! It isn't just a catchy line, it is the truth
ryanam  +   983d ago
A really simple opinion of the life of a great series. Read some of it's novels and you'll understand that there's a lot more story to be told. Story which I'd happily pay for. If that's exploitation, then every book publisher, game dev and media company are guilty.
SolidDuck  +   983d ago
That's like telling Mario or kratos to go away. Halo is the Xbox. And although reach was just ok, and odst was kinda a joke, 1, 2, and 3 are classics, and 4 looks incredible. And it's still hugely popular. And has somehow remained unique for an fps. Halo is not going away, nor should it. I mean who isn't excited for halo 4? I am, and I'm even mostly a playstation guy.
Old McGroin  +   983d ago
Agreed SolidDuck - I'm mainly a PS3 player now as well and haven't been excited about a Halo game since part 3 but Halo 4 looks epic, really psyched for it.

Blankman85  +   983d ago
You funny line at the end there was pretty meh.
Old McGroin  +   983d ago
I know :(

*Hangs head in shame*
greenpowerz  +   983d ago
Wondering why Halo won't die is like wondering why Mario won't die. It's an a iconic franchise transcending into the non gamer world.

People fell in love with a new game with Not seen graphics, super solder syfy character in a familiar yet futuristic world with dangerous creatures from space on the original xbox.

Halo was seen as science fiction yet still grounded with almost plausible things going on on the human side that captured millions imaginations, In the beginning all on MSFT new hardware for the first time.
MSFT new hardware for the first time using such a game to show off their new online model killed it

Hype, love, multi player caused a unstoppable snowball effect.

It won't die because the devs and MSFT have always had gamers in mind when maximizing the design for competitive fun and replay value.

MSFT has seen and captured the feeling I mentioned above with their live action ads and trailers the embody the thing that caused people to fall in love, It's believable just out of reach.
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erikthegman  +   983d ago
What a stupid opinion piece. Halo 4 baby :D

Rated MC for Master Chief
TotalSynthesisX  +   983d ago
Trolling attempt unsuccessful. My jimmies remain unrustled.

Hivemind  +   983d ago
Please take this down and make a new one called:

Games That Need To Stop: CoD/MW
_LarZen_  +   983d ago
Im not a fan of Halo and dont see why people like it so much. But for the fans im glad they keep making more titles because the fans just love the games.

I just wish people could think like that in regards of the Call of Duty games..
andibandit  +   983d ago
I wasnt much of a fan either but the multiplayer in this game just offers up some amazing moments that i rarely find.

The "Epic Flag Capture" from Halo 3, is one of those moments.

Septic  +   983d ago
Haha I've never seen that before. Brilliant!

Those epic MP moments; every Halo game has them.
RockmanII7  +   983d ago
"Which was not only marketed as the game that brings the series full circle, but the last."

Hate how people say that because it's entirely wrong. Halo 3 was said to be the last game involving the Halo Rings, which it was, and Halo Reach was said to be the last Halo game made by Bungie, which it was. No one ever said "There will be no more Halo games after this" because it would be bad business to stop making something that sells. Hell, I'll say right now Halo 6 isn't even the last Halo they'll keep going until it gets to the point where they have more to lose from making Halo games than they have to gain from it.
GearSkiN  +   983d ago
Halo an iconic character he will never go! Love halo
And if you don't think that vid is funny, you're crazy!!!
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xbob627  +   983d ago
Yet Again.......Jealousy rears its ugly head
CYBERHATER  +   983d ago
Halo is truly an epic series. I also still look forward to the HALO 2 remake.
Stoppokingme  +   983d ago
Reading that crap only made me want Halo 4 more.

At least 343 is moving the series forward, which is a sh!tload more than what the modern military shooters are doing these days.

I pre-ordered my copy, hurry up november 6!

Oh and if anyone from EB games reads this, stop trying to shove black ops 2 down my F@$*!#g throat. i've told you time and time again i don't want to pre order it, so stop asking me.
lorcraven  +   983d ago
Tell you what needs to stop, these hate mongering articles.
DiRtY  +   983d ago
from the article:

"But Halo just doesn’t want to stop. The original developers, Bungie, called it quits after Reach, which was not only marketed as the game that brings the series full circle, but the last, as well"

This is wrong on so many levels. Bungie said it quits after Halo 3 in 2007. MS was not bitchy and supported Bungie on their way. MS said "give us 2 more years to build a new studio for the franchise and you are good to go." They created Reach and were done afterwards.

It was obvious that there will be new Halo games. Heck did anyone actually think they hired the who-is-who of the industry to do Halo Waypoint and support the novels?

Damn these article don't give any kind of information, inside look or anything close that could be considered "news". Instead they are telling nonsense that is just wrong.
KMCROC  +   983d ago
Same reason that Mario,Link,Samus,Snake,Lightin g,Resident Evil,COD, have not died is cause people love these game & their IP owners see no reason to stop making them, especially when there's a want & consumer base for them.
Loki86  +   983d ago
Why would Halo need to stop when there is so much written lore and story left to explore? As long as they can keep it innovative and fresh, why should we try to kill a good thing? Stop writing articles that make no sense, thanks.
InTheLab  +   983d ago
Halo needs a year off after H4 and that's all it needs. I think it would be a mistake to continue to annual;y release Halo.
darkmonkey13x  +   983d ago
don't like it, don't buy it... it's just that simple
Sainox16  +   982d ago
The chief needed to come back and show it still the boss of multiplayer
3-4-5  +   982d ago
This person is so uninformed and probably not that intelligent.

I'd say they did about 20 minutes of research max.
AO1JMM  +   982d ago
I like Halo so I want it to continue. If you do mot like Halo then simply move on to other games.

lordz95  +   982d ago
I will say one thing people moaning about halo 4 are stupid its got a huge universe and history for its universe. Where as cod they aare doing blops 2 and most likely 3 and also a new mw trilogy and people took the mick out of halo. Once theyve done those they have to think of something else if not theyll be doing a new blops trilogy and a 3rd mw trilogy and nothing else

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