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Submitted by DBergmark 1204d ago | news

Introducing Microsoft's SmartGlass

With the official release of the new Xbox 360 dashboard, we step closer to an additional feature that was announced at this year’s E3 press conference: Xbox SmartGlass. You know all your smart devices that you play around with while you are in a Call of Duty lobby or while watching the latest episode of Mad Men on Netflix? Well now you can integrate them into a new entertainment experience giving consumers the chance to breach traditional one screen form of entertainment into multiple screens. And I’m not talking about the 3DS. (Android, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, SmartGlass, Xbox 360)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1204d ago
For browsing media content it's a great product.

For gaming it has no practical use that isn't distracting from the central gameplay experience.
andibandit  +   1204d ago
I mostly agree with you, though i can see some minor potential uses for it:

1. have it display whatever message you just received....saves me the hassle of pressing guide button etc etc.

2. use it as a keyboard, for those of us who dont want to have a keyboard connnected to the xbox.

3. as a touchpad while surfing.

4. Minimap, instead of having a minimap take up space on the screen. altho for games like COD where taking your eyes away for a nano second means death, it's less useful

5. as a map instead of having to press back/start constantly to figure out which road to take(Borderlands 2 anyone?)

6. watching a movie with someone, you dont have to pause it for 3 minutes because youre going in the kitchen to make popcorn.(watching the movie in parallel)

7. inventory management in any sort of RPG, coming from M/K and to using a gamepad has been a total backwards step, maybe smartglass could be used.

and so on, nothing breathtaking, just makes things easier.
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MikeMyers  +   1204d ago
1. I like it
2. this is true as the controller is very clunky to use for text
3. That could be distracting while playing
4. Kind of like the DS and its dual screens. Could have lots of potential.
5. You risk the distraction while playing and having to constantly look at both screens.
6. Those Google Glasses would do a much better job. I can't imagine having my buttery hands all over my tablet while making popcorn so I don't have to pause it for guests.
7. Yes, sort of like the other resources like mini-maps.

How about the ability to have some sort of reference available at all times. I know many like walkthroughs and now you don't have to go searching to figure out what to do. There are lots of applications that could make gaming more interesting and more involving. They just have to do it in a way that makes sense.
greenpowerz  +   1204d ago
You don't know what it holds for gaming(loading XBLA games etc on mobile devices from Windows or xbox plus games like watch dogs)

I really wish your name was reflective of your post history.

Lots of Sony fans in here ;)

Are you going to try smartglass on your xbox? ;)
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Burning_Finger  +   1204d ago
Microsoft needs a person that's good at naming product.

Smart Glass

GribbleGrunger  +   1204d ago
I think that SmartGlass is a great name actually.
konnerbllb  +   1204d ago
Yeah it fits it well. Can someone think of a better name without trolling?
slapedurmomsace  +   1204d ago
@konner...I tried...I failed.
The Meerkat  +   1204d ago

I quite like the sound of FingerTip
DBergmark  +   1204d ago
Windows is actually a great name because the Microsoft OS was like a Window to a new world. Kinect is a mix between the two words kinetic & connect. Kinetic is moving energy which connect would you with your gaming console; cheesy but logical. SmartGlass: smartphones & tablets. I don't know why they went with glass but it makes sense either way. Xbox doesn't really make sense.
Fez  +   1204d ago
Xbox was named for it's use of DirectX. Pretty good name, nice and short too.
etowntwo  +   1204d ago
Yeah, like WiiU and Vita are supposed to be any better?
Qrphe  +   1204d ago
I like the name Xbox

Direct X box
konnerbllb  +   1204d ago
Good point
nukeitall  +   1204d ago
Actually I think all those names are pretty good. Perhaps you can suggest something better?
humbleopinion  +   1204d ago
I heard the initially wanted to come up with the name "burning finger", but realized it was taken.
mickaelmc  +   1204d ago
wow. while Microsoft is wasting our time with this crap, Sony is busy making exclusive triple A titles. Glad I sold my 360 back when there was a perceived value for it. Microsoft is already showing obvious signs of neglecting 360 gamers so they can sell us a new console next year. Even xbox fanboys have to admit this.
bodybombs  +   1204d ago
my lord you make it seem like they dedicate every single person on staff to one project at a time.

god forbid ms make something innovative. i for one am welcoming smartglass.

Since you seem so uninterested in the product and are happy to have sold it, why comment. go back to your bridge troll. you're not welcome here

also, if they were neglecting anybody what would be the point in putting halo 4 out, and developing OS updates for the console.
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mickaelmc  +   1204d ago
I was interested in the product. My roommate still has a 360. He likes it. Neither of us are too excited for Halo 4. lol... calm down.
jwk94  +   1204d ago
This isn't necessarily innovative. Wii U and PS3/Vita already do this. It's just a unified companion application.
bodybombs  +   1204d ago
the idea may not be new, but the implementation of the idea is.
ItsTrue  +   1204d ago
"As an orange lover, I prefer oranges over apples. In fact, I love oranges so very much that if there was an article online specifically about apples, for people that like apples,
I would be a total jackass and post about how much I like oranges, and how everyone that likes apples are stupid."
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mickaelmc  +   1204d ago
I like what you were trying to do here. Sorry if my opinion hurts anyone. I'm a fan of video games. But yeah, I do have a preference but with good reason considering current events. Enjoy your smartglass.
bodybombs  +   1204d ago
@mickaelmc bubble for being understanding
bodybombs  +   1204d ago
see if i ever give a bubble again lol.
Blankman85  +   1204d ago
You sold your xbox so Microsoft doesn't owe you jack. Kindly leave.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1204d ago
@Bodybombs is right you had no reason being in here. Saying that useless and offtopic statement. What you said didn't even contribute to this article in anyway.

Don't comment if you don't have nothing USEFUL to say.

As for this, it'll be interesting to have Xbox where ever you go and have touch screen functionality from your smartphone/tablets. Internet browse, play games, earn achievements, stream networks and manage friends/sort out beacons where ever you are in real time anytime, sounds very innovative.

See that's how you contribute since its complicated for you.
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Knight_Crawler  +   1204d ago
@Mickalomc - People who have to keep reminding them selfs why they got rid os something is usually signs of regret.
Dread  +   1204d ago
Forza Horizon
Halo 4
Fable Journey
Mark of the Ninja

All very recent xbox exclusives

you failed
try harder next time
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TekoIie  +   1204d ago
MS did announce 3 new IP's which were completely overlooked at E3.

Ascend: New gods (This is F2P btw)

They also showed their tops 3 IP's (Halo, Forza and Gears). So you know look at things in the real world in the future rather than whats currently being publicised.
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bubblebeam  +   1204d ago
I still vaguely know what smartglass is. Is this the thing Usher was dancing to? Lol.
Animal Mutha 76  +   1204d ago
I'd quite like the in game score board of BF3 to be on my iPad whilst playing. I often hit back just to view for a second and I often get shot or miss a kill opportunity whilst doing so.

Excited to see what smartglass can do.

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