GamesRadar: "Yes, videogames are toys. So what?"

Ben Richardson is a Content Editor for GamesRadar UK.

"Goading gamers is a dangerous pastime. Just ask US pop psychologist Cooper Lawrence, who took a digital pounding earlier this year after helping Fox News put the boot into Mass Effect, which it accused of pumping "full digital nudity" into America's living rooms. Moments after her uninformed criticism was screened gamers began flaming Lawrence's book entries on Amazon. There is no fury like a videogamer scorned."

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spandexxking3722d ago

they got what they deserved.

bootsielon3722d ago

Games aren't child's play, at least many of them. You could call video games "Adult toys", but the term "Adult Entertainment" fits better, otherwise anything related with entertainment is a freaking toy.

ban fans3722d ago

Toy is just demeaning, although not completely inaccurate. The implication that gamers delay their lives, shrug off families, and sit home, glued to their TVs, caring about only the game is a little absurd. I have two self-employed jobs, I vote and follow politics, read regularly...and I play video games. It is a fun escape and a way for me to forget about all the serious stuff I have to deal with on a daily basis.

I liked this article. I didn't care much for the original article by Muir. Quite insulting until the very end. Sounds to me like she is simply out of touch with modern life and entertainment. And that is the problem, gamers are still perceived as either children growing older or that creepy guy who sits in his mom's basement in his underwear. Until people recognize that gamers are intelligent, working, active adults, we will get no respect or representation on this matter.

Tempist3722d ago

To be honest, I place games in the same category of book and films. They do entertain, but bring (in most cases) an interesting story and interaction to that story. It's not that I'm escaping reality, it's just that I want to explore a different one for a while.

If you have to claim that video games a childish, then put Harry Potter, Comic books, fiction books, family films, 'chick flicks', practically any movie not based on real events into the that category of escapism.

I'm not saying it's a black and white situation with games, but if some people are out to make it that way, then a good step backwards has to be taken to encompass more of the big picture. Else, you just are deluding yourself more than others.

ban fans3722d ago

bubbles to you!

It is an entertainment media. That is my problem with the word toy. A DVD player is not a toy, yet your child uses it as entertainment. As you said, if video games are toys, then so are books, movies, TV, sports equipment, crossword puzzles, playing cards, board games, ect, ect, ect.

IntelligentAj3722d ago

Yeah. When I see stuff like this I laugh. Somehow people believe that sitting in front of TV and watching whichever form of idiocy that happens to be on at the time, or going to the movies and sitting down and watching flashing lights or drama, is better than actually playing a video game, which is much more involving and actually requires some kind of action and has a much higher reuse value. These people just need to feel good about themselves and look to blame something, anything which falls outside of the norm(which is quickly changing).

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