"Europe is the priority for Spore"

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, Maxis's Patrick Buechner has explained why the game is to be released in Europe on 5th September, two days earlier than in the US.

Asked if Maxis was always aiming for a simultaneous release Buechner said, "Oh, absolutely. Europe probably represents about 60 per cent or more of our PC business, so getting it right in Europe is going to be a real focus over the next few months."

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Relcom3569d ago

Finally getting some L O V E.

Vip3r3569d ago

Finally we're getting something of actual value before the US. Even though I have no interest in it at all.

games4fun3569d ago

actually care and i live in the US but i guess i cant get that angry i have to admit Europe dont get the respect they deserve

Seph3569d ago

europe gets crap games first xD

Hades13373569d ago


Childishness aside, its great to finally see developers prioritise Europeans over other regions. I think that many gaming publishers underestimate how important Europe is to the gaming industry as a whole. We are the only market that doesnt show favouritism to a particular console or platform.

Jdoki3568d ago

So, when the US is a priority they get the game 3 months before Europe... But when Europe is the priority we get it 2 days before!!

Damn it, I say delay the US launch by 3 months!


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