CVG Preview: The Bourne Conspiracy

CVG writes:

"Matt Damon's just given you the finger when you asked if you could digitise his mug; you've been charged with weaving together the Ludlum, Van Lustbader and Hollywood Bournes - which between them add up to a billion-dollar industry; and you're faced with adding a new dimension to this most reluctant of heroes. Just who'd want to be standing in the shoes of Conspiracy developers High Moon Studios right now?."

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LinuxGuru3571d ago

I won't play this due to the fact that Matt Damon's not depicted in it.

That really sucks, especially after watching the movies and liking them a lot.

timmyp533571d ago

Its picks up after the end of Ultimatum. Are you saying that you wished the character model looked like Damon more?

Escamotage3570d ago

Where does it reveal the game taking place after Ultimatum? Seeing that Treadstone is the main reference in the game, I think Conspiracy takes place within the middle of the trilogy.
Either way, if they think this game will have the same affect as the movie had, they're wrong. The essence of the films were the fact that Jason Bourne required very little arsenal. The movie depicted very little unnecessary explosions. This is all polarized in the game. Matt Damon's smart not to have gotten involved in this.