Dishonored vs. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Dishonored and Deus Ex: Human Revolution have polar opposite stories but both offer different styles and gameplay elements centered on choice and consequence, and choosing how to tackle each objective in each adventure has its own strengths and weakness. Both offer a rich and engaging experience, the decision is whether you want something with more action or more freedom.

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StanLee2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Dishonored is more forgiving but I think the game's setting and story appeals to me more the Deus Ex's did.

guitarded772035d ago

That's a good way of putting it. I think of dishonored as a hybrid of Deus Ex and Bioshock. It's different enough to make it unique, but similar enough to be great.

camel_toad2035d ago

Well said. Love all 3 of 'em.

Ryo-Hazuki2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I've beaten both and I would say Dishonored appeals to me more. I love the world and I felt like it has more sandbox gameplay than HR

-Gespenst-2035d ago

Deus Ex over this any day for me.

pandehz2035d ago

Deus Ex for me.

I love the music, the central theme, and of course Denton or Jenson both are badass and defo the gameplay and setting.

OhMyGandhi2035d ago

Deus Ex.
Absolutely underated game. and it came free with graphics card.
Loved the overall aesthetic, and the entire original score.

Locksus2035d ago

Deus Ex underrated? Didn't it get pretty rave score and sold about 2 million copies?

That's far from underrated if you ask me.

OhMyGandhi2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I suppose I'm not talking about about critical consensus, but rather that so many people found it a bit underwhelming, not nearly as prophetic as the trailer entails it would be.

While the trailers for it are damned amazing, I enjoyed every second of the game, and it's one of few games where I truly felt depressed when it ended.
Far too many games out stay their welcome, this game could have gone on for 50 more hours and I would still have no complaints.

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