No multiplayer for Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 lead designer Peter Johansson has revealed that the game will launch without multiplayer.

Instead, Avalanche Studios will focus on offering the best single-player experience it can and think about adding the ability to shoot your friends in the future.

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avacadosnorkel3752d ago

if they are serious about making the best single player experience they would need to be making it exclusivly for the PS3.

Otherwise the have to leave things out

Dlacy13g3752d ago

While your comment is not the typical fanboy drivel...its still fanboy drivel. Open click to the right, feel free to visit it.

pp3752d ago

you are indeed right ps3 is a big let down they should just make it xbox 360 exclusive

Dlacy13g3752d ago

and yes I know you are responding to a fanboy comment...but it belongs in the open zone.

xc7x3752d ago

bring it all or don't put nothing out

niall773752d ago

Im dont think it did but Im not sure.

Skerj3752d ago

No it didn't and it was just fine without it. It seems that the problems with the first game will be rectified in the sequel, if so then screw multiplayer.

mighty_douche3752d ago

Personally this is good news.

Im happy to see a developer still give their all to single player. I think to much focus has been put into multi-player now.

InMyOpinion3752d ago

My thoughts exactly. Bubbles!

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The story is too old to be commented.