PlayStation 3 sells 1 million units in UK, Reaches milestone quicker than the PS2

Sony has confirmed to that the PlayStation 3 has sold over one million units in the UK.

The console was released in the UK on March 23 last year, meaning it has reached the milestone quicker than the PlayStation 2, which took 50 weeks to sell one million units.

Sony announced back in June 2007 that sales had hit the one million mark across the whole of Europe in just nine and a half weeks.

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mighty_douche3718d ago

Oh thats just me and my 999,999 buddies...

gunnerforlife3718d ago

note it sais more than one million;) but glad im one of them:D

XBOX 3603718d ago

Vgchartz has the PS3 (UK) at 847,023. Please2fix.

TheHater3718d ago

yeah, Vgchartz should fix that.

leon763718d ago

No need to think...that's the sign that PS3 will dominate the world very soon, faster that PS2 did, and will sell a lot more than PS2.....PS3 RULES!!!!!!

The Killer3718d ago

according to VGA 847,023 ps3 sold in UK!!

VGA is not counting 1 million ps3 world wide, they dont count sale of 2006!!!

Rims3718d ago

2008 year of the PS3 confirmed.

Kaz Hirai3718d ago

With your support, I can dominate yet another console war!


Anego Montoya FTMFW3718d ago

has to be VERY nervous about that stat.


because JAPAN is over for them.
and it looks as it UK will be too.

ps2 started out like this.