Dead Space uses The Godfather engine

At a presentation to industry analysts yesterday EA revealed that the EA Redwood Shores developed Dead Space is being built on the same engine that powered The Godfather games - albeit a highly modified version that includes all the next-gen features we've come to expect.

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Joey Gladstone3752d ago

both are really under-rated games that were Tons of fun....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

REPLOID243752d ago

looks promising. I have hope that it can deliver the goods. First, I have to see it in motion and wait for the previews.

Rice3752d ago

I actually like the idea of no pausing while playing the game...

zerolinkgannon3752d ago

Yeah, especially when I have to pee and theres no save sation around. -lol- Eitherway, this game looks fun

sak5003752d ago

HOpe the modified engine and give us better graphics and physics than the last gen looking Godfather game.

Salvadore3752d ago

With no Pause function and a ship will of aliens, going to the toilet before playing would be the best alternative.