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OnlySP - Medal of Honor: Warfighter | Review

In the realm of modern day first-person shooters, the Medal of Honor franchise takes a backseat to genre juggernauts Call of Duty and Battlefield, at least as far as popularity and sales are concerned. 2010 saw publisher EA Games reboot the franchise with a Medal of Honor game set in modern-day Afghanistan, instead of WWII. In spite of a generally favorable reception, many drew comparison to Call of Duty and fellow EA alumni Battlefield. Can this next installment bring the Medal of Honor series back to the top of the genre? (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

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NeXXXuS  +   1039d ago
^go away

On another note, I won't be surprised if this gets the same ratings as the last one which was 7's. (pretty good score).
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tallkidoPL  +   1039d ago
Watch cod get 9/10 and 10/10
BattleAxe  +   1039d ago
Yeah, you might be right about that, because its a far better game with far more content.
Hufandpuf  +   1039d ago
I saw the BLOPS 2 gameplay. Looked like shit.
TENTONGUN  +   1039d ago
more content yeah. better? i dont know man the mp aint half bad in moh. you can definetly get tactical with some buddies if thats your thing. just a different type of mp. when my battle buddy leaves me and does the cod shit, it doesnt turn out to well.
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lawks_land  +   1039d ago
Nice review. Pity hardly anyone got review copies, otherwise there'd be more Warfighter reviews.
pandehz  +   1039d ago
EA did not give review copies because of the pretty important day 1 patch that fixes many things especially a lot from the beta feedback and ui stuff.

Also reviewer you gave lasting appeal 5/10 and dropped the score down by a bit too much I think.

Im at the mission after the flood and Its pretty darn impressive up to now. Hopefully you're right about 7 or im gonna ddos your site lmao /jokes
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shivvy24  +   1039d ago
i give the game 8.5/10 because im an honest reviewer and not a cod fanboy , while the graphics , gameplay and audio/sound were impressive , the campaign was ok but not mindblowing and the story was average ! Multiplayer is good to great !
TENTONGUN  +   1039d ago
Qrphe  +   1039d ago
Ew, wth is this

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josephayal  +   1039d ago
exciting SP and stunning graphics
People should stop the hate , Great game, highly recommended
trenso1  +   1039d ago
i couldnt expect this game to do well since there was close to no hype surrounding it close to launch. along with the bland gameplay and graphics i think AC3 will e the only game i pick up this holiday.
calical26  +   1038d ago
this game should get a 10/10 but cod they are 1000's of kids that love that shit cuz it get 60fps on console they goin to say it look better then Medal of Honor Warfighter
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calical26  +   1038d ago
goin to be way better then bf3 mutiplayer
666Kazuya666  +   1038d ago
CoD is far better. It gets 9s and 10s because the games are all just better. to hell with warfighter. why must it always be the muslims? f####ng generic shit. trying to make everyone believe muslims are bad and wanna bomb cities this is so stupid. the old wwii medal of honous were far better. leave the muslims alone damnit!
itweakzz  +   1036d ago
with cod modernwarfare and bf it are the russians...why russians same question...MoH is doing something with the real modern war and yes there are muslims involved and it's about al-qaida and taliban not all the muslims. This game is trying to do something new and fresh CoD does the same shit over and over and over again. 9 - 10 as an average score....dude cod is not that great it's what ppl think because of reviews and reviews are opinions, you can't always trust them since you may be thinking a little different when u play the game yourself

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