US PlayStation Store Update October 23, 2012

New Update to the USA Playstation Store Includes a Timed Trial for Medal of Honor Warfighter for PS Plus

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Relientk771910d ago

Awesome downloading the PS All-Stars beta

doogiebear1910d ago

Was there not supposed to be an updated interface for the store? It looks the same as ever on my ps3...

Majin-vegeta1910d ago

Downloading PSABR beta!!!!!

PLAYER50951910d ago

me 2!! AAAaaaahHHHHhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

StockpileTom1910d ago

It's time it seems... Onward into the abyss I go to learn the ways of black sorcery... PRAISE THE SUN!

VverdugovV1910d ago

PSABR beta and Dark Souls DLC. Here I come!

StockpileTom1910d ago

It seems we both have a disagree...Do you find that strange? Well, you should! There's no need to hide your reaction, I get that look all the time!

VverdugovV1910d ago

You really are fond of chatting with me, aren't you? If I didn't know better I'd think you had feelings for me.

Nightfallen1910d ago

For Assassins Creed III, the Uplay passport I'm assuming is the multiplayer for the used copies, but I'm not sure what the Erudito packs are. I'm assuming a currency in mp?