Asus Radeon HD 3870 X2 with 4 DVI ports

Asus offers two versions of their HD 3870 X2 cards, one of them the standard reference edition with a red cooler and two DVI outs, whereas the other packs 4 DVI outs and a brand new cooler. Two fans are placed in the front of the card, and the PCB itself has gone through certain changes. The RV670 graphics chips are overclocked from reference 813MHz to 851MHz and the memory runs at 954MHz (stock speed is 900MHz).

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mighty_douche3755d ago

slight over kill, the only people who really run 4 monitors are graphic designers and the like.

Still would i like one and 4 new monitors to run off it? HELL YES i would!

ravenguard883755d ago

...Well not the 4 dvi version but I freakin want this card :D

Dragonopolis3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Not sure I can trust a site with a name like that. I probably want some cross reference from a more well known source. I checked the ASUS site for any reference and nothing so all I can say is hmmmm.......

Anyway, would be an interesting card if it came out