DPAD No More Heroes Review

You play the role of "Travis Touchdown," a young booger-picking, crotch-scratching, vulgar-mouthed, well… punk. Travis lives in "Santa Destroy" California, and doesn't have a chip on his shoulder so much as he just doesn't give a $#!% about anything but his own interests. Imagine James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause" fused with Yusuke Urameshi of "Yu Yu Hakusho", wielding a light saber, and driving an Akira-style motorcycle. Then you'll begin to get a hint of what you are in for with this game. By the way, while crudity and expletives are somewhat censored for the purposes of this review, expect no such thing in No More Heroes. There is no holding back in word or violence. The only censoring in the game comes in the form of covering Travis up just enough with words and what-not when you go take a dump/save the game (so that we aren't subjected to such a thing throughout the entirety of play).

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