Surfer Girl on Too Human sequel, Guitar Hero TV show

Surfer Girl talks about the sequel of Too Human, Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack's "scary baby" with Sega, Guitar Hero TV show, and about Iron Lore's new title that is "Titan Quest meets God of War meets Oblivion".

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sak5003752d ago

WTF is she/he/it smoking? Too human does not even have a definite date and she's talking out of her nether region about the sequel.

Iamback3752d ago

Game is coming out this year, it is planned in 3 games, so sequel is nothing new nor surprising

bym051d3752d ago

As long as it's taken to get the first Too Human out, they really need to worry about that before a sequel.

Iamback3752d ago

Can we PLEASE stop with this Surfer Girl speculations? PLEASE dont approve this crap anymore

HydroBoy3752d ago

some retard asked a funny question '' is tekken a timed exclusive to ps3 '' loooooool...O yee you'll see it on 360 soon , now jsut to get sufer girl to say that LOL

beavis4play3752d ago

a sequel to too human? yea, that should be hitting stores by 2020!

ry-guy3752d ago

This is nothing new. SK has been saying since they first revealed Too Human that it was a trilogy and that they wanted it released all for the same console generation.

Way to bring nothing new to the table SG.

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