The British Goverment is stupid

It really beggars belief, when the world economy is coming off the rails and we are involved in two wars, that the Government is putting time and energy into suppressing video games. When there isn't any problem.
They are changing the law so that every game needs to be classified by the BBFC, just like films are. Here are a few reasons why this is stupid:

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Mr Marbles3685d ago

You won't get to many Americans commenting on this, modern Americans have a huge inferiority complex, and they are quite naive about other countries. Young Americans think eveything out side of America is perfect, and they have little to say when it comes time to critisize a foreign government. Now if this article was about how stupid the American government is, you would have kids lining up to bash their own counrty LOL.

Bruceongames3685d ago

Saying don't vote for her and why.
It's still on the front page of the blog.

Rooted_Dust3685d ago

America is split into groups. You've got neo-con republicans who have a massive superiority complex, liberal democrats with their guilt complexes, and moderates and constitutionalists are just depressed. I'm not naive about the UK, I wouldn't want to live there. Their Police State seems to be advancing much faster than it is here in the US. It seems like only revolution ever gives people back liberty. The rest of the time liberty just erodes away.

XBOX 3603685d ago

And you think the US government is perfect, it's far from it.

And just because you criticize your own government, doesn't mean you hate your country. Or do you have to show blind patriotism to be an American these days? Or is that only in the South? Eh.

Witty Comment3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

It really irritates me when I read folks from foreign countries bashing on Americans based on the simple premise we're all the same. The fact of the matter is that when we criticize our own elected officials it probably stems from nothing more than dissatisfaction with the job they're doing. Lumping us all into one group does nothing more than perpetuate that cycle of you hate us, therefore we must hate ourselves.

Furthermore, true patriotism is displayed by critisizing your government when you feel it is neccesary. Freedom of Speech is one of the most basic principles this country was founded on, and excersizing it shows that one does, and rightfully so, enjoy that right. Any person who says otherwise, or lumps us into generalized groups, is just as bad as the Bill O'Reilly's and other ignorant talking-head-pundits of the world.

bourner3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

hhahhahhaha freedom of speech my ass . if you belive that then you are very stupid

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M4I0N33685d ago

omg, Gordon Brown ur one gay motha-f*cka

Rooted_Dust3685d ago

There doesn't have to be anything wrong. In fact it's better for them to legislate when there is nothing wrong, so afterwards they can point it out and say their legislation fixed it. This is nothing more than politicians trying to appear motivated and un-apathetic. They pick easy targets, because they have no idea how to fix real problems.

SilPho3685d ago

Every game that I own has an age rating on the front (I'm in the UK by the way) so what the hell are they trying to do? You can't buy a 15 rated game if you're 12, that's the way it has always been so why the sudden change in heart? What will change?

Video games are not films, so you can't subect them to the same testing procedures and expect it to come out ok.

Bruceongames3685d ago

Before it was a voluntary code. Mostly.
Now it will have force of law.

heyheyhey3685d ago

can't argue with the title thats for sure

although it isn't nearly as bad as America

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