Interview: Mizuguchi and Matsuura, Music Gaming Geniuses

Matsuura. Mizuguchi. The two men who created and innovated in the rhythm game genre long before Rock Band took over our living rooms spoke at this year's DICE Summit, and was able to get them both in a room together for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- a head-to-head interview.

"We're wasting our use of music," said Masaya Matsuura, the creator of Parappa The Rapper, in his DICE speech. Music games must keep delivering fresh ideas, he said, or the genre "could be faced with a steep decline."

"I decided to go into this industry because I could watch the future, literally," said Tetsuya Mizuguchi, maker of Rez and Lumines, in his presentation.

With that as the starting point, Wired and the duo launched into a lively discussion about all aspects of music gaming.

[ Notes: This is the complete, unedited interview in Q&A format. ]

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