WRC3's Challenge mode explained: "DiRT doesn't have the rally authenticity that we have"

VVV: "“WRC3 will appeal to rally fans because DiRT doesn’t have the rally authenticity that we have in our game,” Matteo argues. “They don’t have as many tracks as we have - their special stages only last 2 minutes whereas our special stages can reach 6 minutes. I think that’s important for someone who wants an authentic rally experience, compete for the best times and experience different environments. Obviously our competitors don’t have access to the WRC license either, so we can add all the official cars, drivers and tracks.”"

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Ak47Russia1312d ago

He is right! also WRC3 is a semi simulator rally game very challenging good rally skills needed... While Dirt is a simple Arcade racer no skills needed just steer the car and little brake or hand brake..

csreynolds1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Matteo and Irvin's criticisms of Codemasters would be more credible if the trailers for WRC3 didn't feature courses, cars and game modes evocative of DiRT 2 and 3.

Honestly, this interview made me laugh. Milestone try their damnedest to deny taking any inspiration from their competitor, saying they just 'brainstormed' what their game offers, but anyone who's played DiRT can see this is nonsense. Moreover, the developer's convinced that having access to an official licence automatically makes a better game. Um, sorry chaps. Not necessarily so.

I agree that Codies has taken a more commercial, mass-market approach to rally in recent years, not focusing as much on point-to-point rally, but IMO the pure rally options that are in DiRT 2 and 3 are first-class. Moreover, the handling model is a balance of simulation and arcade, making for a quick-to-learn but difficult-to-master experience. Believe it or not, most gamers don't want a precise, totally true-to-life experience, because it's not fun.

That's just my two pennies, anyway...