Devil May Cry 4 Review

Geekpulp writes "Many a Sony fanboy weeped bitter tears of sorrow when they discovered that Capcom's popular series, Devil May Cry, was making its way onto a Microsoft console for its fourth iteration. The rest of the gaming world realised that it was a move that will only benefit the series. By all accounts it runs pretty much identically on the PS3 and Xbox 360 (minus an install requirement), so now owners of either console can enjoy this "stylish action" game that is well known for its over the top combat and epic boss battles. It is a game about kicking a whole lot of ass with dudes that look like chicks."

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DrPirate3723d ago

"Dudes that look like chicks?"

Yeah all chicks I date have facial hair :\, what an idiot.

And the "chicks" in this game rival those found in most Itagaki games.

sock merchant3723d ago

Those dudes are pretty feminine. And if you hang around the elderly you may realise woman can have facial hair :)

pwnsause3723d ago

"By all accounts it runs pretty much identically on the PS3 and Xbox 360 (minus an install requirement)"

love the spin, good job A22hole.

power of Green 3723d ago

You don't understand that?. It runs great with no Frame Rate issues etc.

So if the 360 beat the PS3 in loading by one second that means the 360 version runs better?. lol

pwnsause3723d ago

POG, its not that, its just that the Media likes to spin things.

sock merchant3723d ago

Dude I have played both version and they run almost identically. Frame rate issues are near non-existant. Xbox 360 loading times may be longer than ps3 yes, but when that is less than 10 seconds who gives a s##t. As for the install, it has to be noted because a whole lot of ps3 owners got pissed off because of it.

HowarthsNJ3723d ago

DMC has gone to PC before.

What they really don't like is the fact that Dante is not the hero of the series anymore.

He's the best of the best and cannot be beaten (according to the other games).

sock merchant3723d ago

It was with to the pepped up fanboys that signed a petition and vowed not to buy it.

darkshiz3723d ago

There's also a petition to save HD DVD and your point being is...

Astro3723d ago

this game resulted to be a massive dissapointment.

sock merchant3723d ago

Welcome to "in the minority" land

okcomputer3723d ago

Not for me it wasn't. I bought the game expected it to just be good, in the 8.0 range. I've been surprised by just how great dmc4 really is. Its the best game in the series so far and a solid 9.0 in my book.

hotshot1273723d ago

what does dmc4 being reviewed have to do with ps3 fanboys being angry it went to the 360? thats right...............NOTHING.

this is how you know reviewers just dont a review a game anymore, they review the console and then review the game next.

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The story is too old to be commented.